Red-Toned Hair and Green, Brown, Blue Eyes

If you belong to warm color type, your look can be described by following characteristics particular to this color type. Your hair color is red-toned, can be shaded from strawberry to auburn color. Your eyes can be green, brown or blue color. They have warm undertone and even blue eyes have warm flecks. Your eyelashes are dark, from brown to black color. Your eyebrow color is red-toned with a warm shade, close to hair color, from red to brown. Warm color type has skin with warm undertone as well. It can be either porcelain, probably with lots of freckles, or dark toned with a warm golden shade.

Color palette for warm color type has to balance and compliment the overall warm coloring. You should include warm colors and yellow undertones into your wardrobe.

Medium depth colors will look best on warm color type. Light or deep colors are less preferable.

If you like wearing dark, navy or grey colors, liven them up with warm shades: yellow, peach color, coral color.

Do not be confused with baby pink and icy violet colors. They are not recommended for warm color type because create greyish shade on the face.

Avoid outfits in two dark colors or dressing in a single dark color as medium depth coloring suits you best. Combine dark and light colors to create overall medium depth look. It’s specially recommended for warm color type with porcelain skin and strawberry-toned hair. General advice is the deeper your hair color is, the stronger colors you can wear.

Do not wear black color on it’s own. Compliment it with accessories and make-up.

Accessories for warm color type should be made in warm tones. It can be gold, copper color or other colors from your recommended color palette.

The same color advice is applicable to make-up color palette. Choose warm shades, specially for blush and lipstick. Make it salmon, peach or other close shades. Black mascara and black eyeliner is not recommended for warm color type. Use it rather soft, brown color.

Your color type will change if you change your hair color drastically or if you have more than 50% white hair. If you want to remain warm color type, you have to dye color into warm tones or add warm color lowlights to maintain overall warm look.

If you are still not very sure whether you belong to Warm Color Type or other types, you can try an experiment. Go to any fashion or department store and try to bring near the face (better if below the face) any piece of clothing with colors from the Warm Color Type palette temporary and see whether they work for you. Try different colors and observe the effect. If your face becomes looking more attractive, skin looks smoother and glowing, no signs of tiredness on your face (dark circles, red eyes), skin imperfections become less visible, than it’s your colors. If Warm Color palette does not suit you so well, probably you belong to another color type. Try colors recommended for other color types one by one and see which color palette is the most complimenting for you. Trying them one by one, you will be able to figure out what is the color type you belong to.

You can find fashion color palette recommended for warm color type in the image below.

If you have any comments or queries, I will be happy to hear from you in comments below! And if you need help to determine you color type, you can contact me via e-mail or Contact page.

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