Light Hair and Light Eyes

If you belong to light color type, your look can be described by following characteristics particular to this color type. Your hair color is either naturally blonde or colored to very light shade. You eye color is soft, either light blue, light green or grey. Your eyelashes and eyebrows are the same color as hair, light and pale. Your skin is very delicate, looks porcelain, with warm or cool undertone. Probably you have difficulties with getting tanned and easily get burnt on the sun. Your overall look is light and delicate.

If you naturally belong to light color type at young age, it will remain throughout the whole life. However, if you would like to experiment and change your color type, just change your hair color drastically. At the same time you need to remember, that once your color type get changed, your fashion color palette will change as well.

Sometimes original color type changes to light color type naturally with aging. Natural colors fade and previous color palette may not be acceptable for you anymore while softer colors will have to be preferred. This is quite common to happen at the age after 60s and above.

Main concept in choosing your suitable colors is colors have to balance your look. For light color type light colors are the most recommended. You can also add medium depth or dark colors to your wardrobe, however you need to balance them with lighter shade from your color palette. You should avoid wearing deep colors, especially near the face.

Combination of two bright colors from your color palette is also acceptable but do remember the rule to wear lighter shade closer to face.

Light color type has to avoid wearing two dark colors together. In case if it is unavoidable (for example, you have to wear a uniform or have a strict dress code of colors not suitable for you), wear light color accessories on the top closer to your face. If can be scarf, necklace, false collar etc.

You can see color palette recommended for light color type in the end of this post. You may have a question how to use a color palette.

Choose deeper color from your color palette for basic wardrobe, basic clothing: jackets, blazers, skirts, trousers. And brighter or lighter colors will look good if worn near the face. Choose them for other fashion pieces, tops, accessories.

However, a matter deserving a special attention is body shape. Wearing light colors on top, remember that they always draw attention to where they are worn. So if it’s not your intention to attract attention to your top part (for example, if you have wide shoulders which you wouldn’t like to highlight purposely, or if you are full-busted and don’t want to draw inappropriate attention to it), you should give preference to darker shades from your color palette. It will look more flattering to your figure and will let you feel more confident.

You can contact me directly if you need any help with determining your color type. I will do my best to help.

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You can find color palette recommended for light color type in the image below

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