How To Look Younger?

How to look younger? Probably this is one of questions most women are interested in. After some study and observation, I discovered that it is not that hard! And it fully depends on the style. Before we proceed, let me just say that any age has its advantages. Do you agree? Being not as young as, let’s say, you daughter or granddaughter does not mean that you cannot look attractive. Accept yourself as you are, and this is the key recipe to like yourself and the way you look. And this is what makes you attractive in other people’s eyes.
And now let’s move to the matter of topic! So how can style help to look younger?
Visual age can be easily adjusted with the style. Core idea is to choose right outfits creating youthful appearance.

1. Wear your right fashion colors

Fashion colors is one of my the most favorite topic. I have the whole blog section devoted to it starting from the post Choose your right fashion color. Check it out for the exact fashion color palette. Wearing right colors near the face really does help to look fresh, rested and younger. Unlike wrong color which may create impression that person is tired, stressed or feeling unwell by highlighting dark circles, shadows, lines and wrinkles. This is exactly what we don’t want to have!

Reason why fashion colors have such effect is unique combination of skin color, eye color and hair color. All together it defines color type you belong and determines recommended fashion color palette.

2. Keep your style and look modern

For more information you can check a post Keep your style modern. I’m sharing some tips which may help to understand importance and advantages of looking modern.

To summarize briefly, this item can be split into following:

Wear modern clothing, compose modern looking outfits

For example, add to your outfit jeans or bomber jacket which look very current and will make your look more sporty and dynamic thus younger. Basic wardrobe is something timeless so include some of basic clothing into your outfits as well. Mature women have to be careful with vintage style as it does not help to create modern and younger look.
Modern hairstyle

Sometimes change of hairstyle change the whole look! Nowadays neat hairstyles looking natural (like you didn’t have to put efforts to style them) are most trendy unlike, for example, volumized teased hairstyles being so popular in 80s and 90s now look outdated and will give additional age.

Modern make up

This is another item to watch out closely. If you wear the same make up style as you did a few years ago, it may need to be revised. If your color type changed over years, make up colors also may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Modern accessories

Add a few modern accessories to the look, it will look absolutely modern! Bags, footwear and eyewear also has to be considered. Eyewear has power to change the impression of the entire face, even making it look younger or elder. Pick eyewear with modern frame, and the whole image may be changed.

A new stylish bag, slip-ons, jeans and a bomber jacket– and that’s it! You look stylish, modern and much younger.

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