Dress Up to Look Slimmer

Sometimes many of us wish to look slimmer. And sport and healthy diet are not the only helpers in creating slimmer look. By dressing up in a correct way you can easily achieve slimming visual effect! There are a few ways to achieve slimmer look to. Incorporating any of them will give noticeable good effect:

1. Vertical lines

Vertical lines visually make body look slimmer and taller. It can be either print on the clothing or lines created by clothing pieces. Blazer, cardigan, jacket, vest worn open (unbuttoned or unzipped), scarf, long necklace or other accessory hanging down from the neck and creating vertical lines are very easy way to look slimmer.

In the photo from the right I’m wearing a dress with vertical line print, while side braid and shoulder bag created two more lines working well for the look.

As opposite, horizontal lines create widening effect. Keep it in mind choosing horizontal line print and avoid if this is not your purpose.

2. Diagonal lines

Diagonal lines are another helper to look slimmer. If you like cross-body bags, wear them in diagonal way like I did on the photo. It will create visually slimmer look, will make it more dynamic and it’s really just comfortable in wearing.
As opposite, horizontal lines create widening effect. Keep it in mind choosing horizontal line print and avoid if this is not your purpose.

3. Large size accessories and prints on clothing

If you wear plus size clothing, larger size accessories and prints will balance your look making it visually slimmer. This is not recommended for petite women as it will make them even more tiny. You can find more information in the blog post Body scale.

4. Monochrome outfits

Monochrome outfits are able to elongate the body visually thus making it slimmer. I have a blog post about Color tricks where you can find more detailed explanation how to use this trick in outfits. As opposite, contrasting colors in the outfit altering vertically visually break the look and make you look lower, while creating contrasting horizontal lines widening the figure.

5. Clothing pieces creating shaped rigid lines

Example of such clothing are blazers, fitted jackets, peplum tops etc. They are able to create an appearance of shaped body, shoulders, waistline. Regardless of what your body shape is, they will help to create a desired look.

6. Accentuated waistline

This item continues idea of the previous item: clothing creating appearance of shaped body. Defined waistline always makes the figure look slimmer. It doesn’t matter what is the actual waist size but it does matter the size difference between chest, waist and hips. So regardless what your size is, create defined waist by means of clothing (appearance of hourglass body shape) and immediately you will look a few kilos less.

7. Accentuating figure assets while diverting attention fro problem zones

Light and bright colors have quality to attract attention to where they are worn what makes those areas look highlighted and bigger. It means you have to avoid wearing them at your less flattering zones (for example, pear body shape may wish to wear darker colors at hips area to avoid unwanted attention there while wear light or bright color tops to make shoulders look wider). Also do not wear any fashion details (prints or decorative elements) on your problem zones.

8. Do not allow garment to end at the widest point of a body part

Again, this will create a horizontal line widening your widest point even more, which will create unproportional look. Example, top should not end at the widest hip point. Or skirt should not end at the widest leg point. Instead, make them ending at the thinnest point attracting attention to this your body asset. That really helps to create slimmer look.

10. Consider your body shape

Each body shape has it’s assets and challenges. Knowing them and dressing up correctly is the key for creating proportional and slimmer look. I have a post about dominant body shapes, you can have a look there for more information.

That’s it I wanted to share today. Hope those tips will be useful and help you to look slimmer and feel your best!

Feel free to share your opinion, experience, concern or maybe other tips for looking slimmer in the comments section below. I will be happy to hear from you!

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