Dark Hair and Dark Eyes, Eyebrows, Eyelashes

If you belong to deep color type, your look can be described by following characteristics particular to this color type. Your hair is deep dark color, probably dark brown or black. Your eyes are also dark, deep dark brown or black. Your eyelashes color and eyebrow color are dark, close to hair color. Your skin can be any shade from light to dark brown or black with either cool or warm undertone.

As for all other color types, color palette for feel color type should balance the overall look. If you belong to deep color type, your overall coloring is deep, and deep or dark colors worn near the face will be the most complementing for you.

Black color suits you on its own so classic basic black color clothing is your good asset. To add variety to your look, you can contact dark colors with lighter or bright shades from your color palette.

Deep color type can wear two dark colors together or combine one dark and one light or bright color, but has to avoid wearing two light colors. Also you have to be careful with wearing pale and pastel colors near the face. This type of color can make you look pale, faded, what will create impression that you are tired or feeling unwell.

If you still prefer to wear pale or pastel color, combine it with dark or bright shade from you color palette, and remember the rule to keep deeper color closer to face.

If for some reason you have to wear pale color near the face (maybe, uniform which you have to wear at work is done not in your preferred color, or any strict dress code at the event you have to attend or etc.), you can balance the adverse effect of unwanted color by make-up done in deeper shades.

If you are deep color type, just remember the key concept in combining outfit: always include deep color into the outfit. Your outfit can consist of two dark colors, or combination of a light or bright and dark color, or a single dark/deep color.

As for accessories, you can choose colors contrasting to deep colors of your wardrobe.

If you wear glasses, give preference to models with darker and heavier frames.

If you are still not very sure whether you belong to Deep Color Type or other types, you can try an experiment. Go to any fashion or department store and try to bring near the face (better if below the face) any piece of clothing with colors from the Deep Color Type palette temporary and see whether they work for you. Try different colors and observe the effect. If your face becomes looking more attractive, skin looks smoother and glowing, no signs of tiredness on your face (dark circles, red eyes), skin imperfections become less visible, than it’s your colors. If Deep Color palette does not suit you so well, probably you belong to another color type. Try colors recommended for other color types one by one and see which color palette is the most complimenting for you. Trying them one by one, you will be able to figure out what is the color type you belong to.

If you still have doubts about your color type. you can contact me directly. Just drop an e-mail (About page) and attach a some your photos featuring face and hair. I will do my best to help!

If you want to leave a feedback or a comment below, I will be happy to hear from you!

And you can find fashion color palette recommended for deep color type in the image below

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