Dark Blonde-Light Brown Hair Color and Soft Color Eyes

Soft color type sometimes can be confusing because can suit characteristics of other color types but not totally.

If your color type is soft, characteristics of your look are following. Your hair color is dark blonde or light brown. Your eye color is soft and mute, either blue, brown, hazel or green color. Sometimes it looks that your eyes change the color, depending on what you are wearing. Your eyelashes and eyebrows are mute color from light to dark. Your skin has a warm or cool undertone.
Overall look of soft color type has very little contrast. Hair color, eyes, skin color look blended and equal in coloring, in any tone from light to dark brown.

Your color palette has to support your soft coloring.

Medium depth tones are most recommended for soft color type. You should maintain little contrast in your outfits as naturally have little contrast. Your have to avoid higher commit contrasts in your outfits.

Monochrome colors make soft color type look its best. Try to compose monochrome outfits and you will see good results. Another advantage of monochrome outfits is they will make figure look slimmer and taller what is always an advantage for any color type.

Soft color type can wear darker shades from recommended color palette but try to balance them with lighter tones (one- two tones lighter).

Best combination for soft color type is light shades with medium depth colors. Combination of light and dark colours is not recommended as creates too much contrast in the outfit.

Black color is not recommended for soft color type, especially for wearing near the face as it looks not complimentary for you.

Choosing accessories, give your preference to softer textures. Suede will suit you better than leather, and matt accessories look on you better than shiny. General rule for soft color type is to choose subtle, blended, understated accessories rather than bold ones.

If you want to maintain your soft color type, do not change your hair color to more than 1-2 shades darker or lighter.

If you are still not very sure whether you belong to Soft Color Type or other types, you can try an experiment. Go to any fashion or department store and try to bring near the face (better if below the face) any piece of clothing with colors from the Soft Color Type palette temporary and see whether they work for you. Try different colors and observe the effect. If your face becomes looking more attractive, skin looks smoother and glowing, no signs of tiredness on your face (dark circles, red eyes), skin imperfections become less visible, than it’s your colors. If Soft Color palette does not suit you so well, probably you belong to another color type. Try colors recommended for other color types one by one and see which color palette is the most complimenting for you. Trying them one by one, you will be able to figure out what is the color type you belong to.

If you are still not quite sure whether you are Soft color type, drop me an e-mail (About page) and attach a few your portrait photos. I will do my best to help!

You can find color palette recommended for soft color type in the image below.

If you have any questions or thoughts to share, please let me know in comments below!

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