Bag: How to choose a size?

choose bag size

     There is a rule recommended by professional stylists I learnt recently and would like to share it here. Bag size has to be proportional to body scale and height. I have detailed post about Body scales here, so you can find more information about that. Now I want to focus on how to choose bag size with regards to the height.

So how exactly bag size shall depend on height?

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     The taller you are, the bigger your bag size shall be to make the entire look proportional.
     For average height (around 165 cm) recommended bag size (width) is around 30 cm. This is a recommended width of the bag’s bottom in models where bottom is the widest part of the bag.

     If you height is below average which is less than 165 cm, choose bag size less than 30 cm. If you are above 165 cm to 175 cm height, bags sizes for your height are around 35 to 40 cm. If you are taller than that, for example 180 cm, increase the bag size to 40-45cm.


     This is the rule for sizing your bag used for regular daily wear. This rule does not apply for clutches, clutch can be worn regardless of the height and body scale.

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Exceptions from the bag’s size rule:

     There are a few exceptions to understand when choosing bag’s size rule.

  • In winter recommended bag sizes can be increased.

     This is because in winter we are wearing outwear which make our proportions look bigger. In this case to keep look and proportions balanced, increase the bag size one step up.

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  • Light silk dresses require bag of smaller size than recommended

     Light dresses made of thin delicate fabrics do not add much of volume to our proportions, like other regular clothing. They will make us look smaller, thinner comparing to the look in other outfits due to thinness of material, so for such dresses bag size shall be smaller too. Regular bag size will look rather too coarse with silk dresses.

    • Jeans allow bag size bigger than recommended

         As opposite to the effect created by silk dress, jeans on itself are a bit coarse, rather sporty type of clothing so they allow coarser bag size. You can increase bag size for outfits with jeans and it will still look balanced and proportional.

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