How to Wear: Leopard Print

     Leopard print is rather a classic fashion print. It was popular throughout XX century and still remains popular nowadays. It’s very trendy this season so let’s talk about it!

     Worn tastefully, leoprad print will make your outfit look stylish and trendy, it’s also a way to try new style or new image.

     Leopard print is very bold and attractive on itself, it draws lots of attention. That’s why there are a few things to remember if you like this fashion trend.

Silk Scarf: Leopard Print
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How to Wear Leopard Print

  1. Be ready attention to be focused on you wearing leopard print. If this is not your actual purpose or you are just not comfortable to increased attention to your outfit, «inject» it into the outfit in small portions. Instead adding leopard print in clothing, add it to your accessories. Wear leopard printed shoes, bag, hat, shades with printed frames or add printed silk scarf.

  2. The most classic outfit with leopard print is white collar shirt, black trousers and leopard coat. Looks incredibly stylish, classic yet trendy.

  3. Another classic outfit option is to wear leopard print with monochrome deep colors. In this case leopard will play a role of color accent and again will be in focus of attention.

  4. Leopard print and its associated colors look good with khaki colors, typical feature of Safari style.

  5. Being very prominent, leopard print is able to elevate such a basic outfit like jeans + t-shirt and give it a totally different feel. It smooths the sporty mood of jeans with t-shirts giving it elegance and taste. If you have a leopard printed jacket or even a scarf, add it to the outfit – and you are ready to go!

Silk Scarf: Leopard Print
Scarf is available for purchase. Please click the image to proceed to seller store.

Style Caution with Leopard Print

Since it’s so noticeable, any style mistake made with leopard print will be noticeable too, so there are a few cautions to take care.

  1. Do not wear leopard print made of low quality fabrics

On itself this print is quite chic, so when it’s applied to low quality materials it affects the way leopard print looks and rather cheapens the look instead of elevating it.

  1. Leopard print looks bold on itself. Wearing open decollete or mini skirt with leopard print, take a distant look to your outfit to make sure it looks tasteful and not too daring.

  2. There should be only one leopard print in the outfit. Do not add other pieces with the same print at a time not to make «too much» effect.

  3. Leopard print is not easy to combine with other prints, so better try to refrain and pair it with monochrome clothing. 

     Hope these tips were useful. If you want to add any or share your opinion, please do so in the comments section below!

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