Fashion Trend: Monochrome Total Look


Total look created in monochrome color from head to toe is one of the current fashion trends. For me it looks very unusual and extraordinary, that’s why I find it interesting to pay some attention to this fashion trend.

Monochrome total look (or simply Total Look as it’s usually called) means absolutely all clothing in the outfit made in the same color and tone. Difference can be made only in fabric materials. Everything has to be in the same color: top, pants or skirt, jacket or etc., whatever was chosen for the outfit. But accessories color can vary: they can support the outfit and be made in the same color, or can differ. Total look trend accepts both.


Total look is particularly good for office outfits, it brings fresh ideas for the office looks. The only what needs to make sure is that color is acceptable for the office. Lighter and deeper colors are recommended, however avoid too bright total outfits (for example, red or any neon colors) in the office as they will attract unnecessary – not professional related – attention.

Total Look is very complimentary for any figure. Monochrome color from head to toe makes body look as it’s a vertical line making figure look slimmer and taller. All horizontal body dimensions (shoulder width, waistline, hip width) immediately become smaller and slimmer visually.

Is Total Look good for tall and slim figures? Definitely. Models displaying the trend on podiums are all tall and slim, and they look stunning dressed monochrome.


I find Total Look is very convenient trend. You don’t have to worry how to combine colors, or whether they match each other as there is only one color in the outfit. Also it’s quite easy for shopping: all the clothing can be found within the same brand store (actually this is exactly what I recommend to do).

Creating Total Look outfits, choose only your complementing colors. Well, it’s actually applicable to any of your outfits. If you are not sure about your color type and color palette, have a look to my post Choose Your Right Fashion Color.

That’s what I wanted to share about Total Look fashion trend. If you want to share any ideas or to discuss, comment, please feel free to do in the comments section!