Find Right Underwear Size: Bra Size

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     Underwear is not seen from outside, but it affects the overall look of the outfit. How foundation of the house holds the entire building, the same way underwear holds clothing on the body. Wrongly chosen underwear size or model can have a big impact to the body shape, parameters and size. While, it also allows to do some “tweaking” of the body parameters to make clothing fit better.

     There are different types of underwear for the top and bottom: bras, panties, shapewear (shaping underwear), tights (pantyhose), stockings, camisoles etc. In this post I want to pay more attention to the bra and tips for its selection and wearing.


Right bra size makes it comfortable for wearing

Bra is essential underwear item for every women and every body shape. There are lots of choices nowadays and everyone is able to find necessary bra according to individual purposes. Small-busted figures can find choices creating visual appearance of a fuller bust, and full-busted can wear models giving an appropriate support without unnecessary highlight.

      It is good for have a small collection of different bras for different occasions which you can wear with different outfits: some seamless, some strapless, some sport bras for doing your workouts and etc.

     As well as size of the clothing you wear, size of the bra may need to be changed from time to time. Try to get measured professionally at least once a year. You can easily get this help in specialized underwear stores. Sales assistants will do their best job to advise you on recommended bra size and will offer bra models which can fit you well. Once I underwent this check up in one of famous underwear brand stores, I managed to pick a few really good bra models of an appropriate size.

     If you don’t have your favorite bra model yet, or want to extend your choices, try a range of styles from different brands and see what you like more. Sometimes similar bra models from various brands can have difference in the way they fit and how they make clothing look on them. Also different cuts do have their impact. That’s really a little thing which matters.

     If bra size is chosen correctly, breasts should not hang over from the cups. If you experience that, try on another bra size or another cut. Changing the size, model or brand will help to resolve this issue.

     Back of the bra has to meet the middle of your back. It will be the most comfortable for wearing fit, and also this is how the bra is actually designed.


Bra size has impact to the way how clothing fits the body

     Full-busted figures (Hourglass Body Shape, full-busted Inverted Triangle Body shape) need good support for the breasts. If this is your case, give your preference to the bra models with wider straps. Non-stretch straps will be the best choice. Strapless bras may not work well for you as they are not able to give necessary support.

     For bodies with wide and fleshy back it will be more comfortable to choose 3 hooks bras. While bra is still new, fasten it on widest hooks and move inwards if bra starts stretching over time.

     Wearing bra of an appropriate size an model will be very comfortable in daily wear and will give you confidence about the way it fits and makes clothing look on it. A little attention to this little thing – and you will have a very good experience!

    Guys, you are welcome to share opinion and feedback about the post! Do you experience any difficulties with finding right bra size? Do you agree it affects the way how clothing fits? Do you have your secret tips to share? Please let me know in the comments below!

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