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      For some people it may be a difficulty to keep their style looking modern. This style issue may be specially familiar to mature women or for those who does not find much fun in checking fashion magazines or not fond of shopping.


Keeping your style modern will have good effect both at work and personal/family life

Keeping your style outdated may have some bad impact to the career and even personal life. Looking old-fashioned is a sign for other people that your ideas are outdated, and that you may not be open minded enough to learn something new (ideas, trends, things). As nowadays everything in our lives changes and develops so quickly, whether I technology, fashion, science achievements, everyone is expected to be on the same pace to be current. That’s why outdated style may not do a good job for its owner.

At work this is particularly important as it allows us to have our jobs and seek for career improvement. I will repeat basics as this is the core for creating your professional style as well as any other: composing your wardrobe, consider following:

  • your natural color type (it will helps to choose most flattering color for your wardrobe; you can find more information in the post Choose your right fashion color)

  • body shape (to choose clothing that flatters your figure; more information is in the post Dominant body shapes);

  • industry where you are working;

  • whether your style and wardrobe look current.

In fact women’s fashion trends usually last for up to five years. So it can be a good relief that you do not have to update your wardrobe every single season. Sure, details got changed every season but overall tendency lasts a few years. To be trendy and to keep style current is not exactly the same. Being trendy can be your personal choice if you enjoy fashion but to look current is rather a society requirement for the success.


Women’s fashion trends last p to 5 years, so audit your style and wardrobe after this period of time


Make sure your style looks modern

Try to review your style and wardrobe every 5 years. Ask yourself a question: does your style still look modern? You clothing may be flattering by colors and suit your figure well, but if it looks outdated, it’s time to update your wardrobe.
This is particularly important for professional style as it has an impact to career growth…or sometimes even about just having a job.

The same rule to look modern has to be applied to hairstyle, make up and accessories.
Are you wearing the same hairstyle for more than 5 years? If so, it might be the right time to update it. You can choose other cut or just refresh the color. Adding highlights or lowlights will make your hairstyle look updated. However if you decide to color your hair, make sure you maintain it and attend a hair salon regularly.


Professional style has impact to career growth

     If you want to experiment, you can change your hair color dramatically, however avoid this if you want to keep your natural color type. Changing the color type will cause change of flattering fashion color palette and you may need to audit your entire wardrobe at the color aspect. But if you are craving for dramatic change of the style and image, you can try this as experiment.


Modern style will make you look younger

Keep your accessories, including shoes and bags, modern as well. Nothing adds as much age as old-fashioned accessories. Choose the shoes which look current and feel comfortable. Choose a nice stylish bag of an appropriate size. But do not use shopping bags for the office. It may be comfortable but rather inappropriate.

     A little fine-tune to the style, and you will look modern! Try this out and I believe you will like the result.

      Let me know your opinion about the post! Do you agree it’s important to keep the style modern? Does it really have any impact to career and personal life? Or maybe there are other thoughts you want to share? You can give your comments below!

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