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Art principles applied to outfits can help to look beautiful

Beauty is what we all naturally craving for. We like to look beautiful, wear beautiful clothes, live in beautiful house, enjoy beautiful views. Beauty is something we are looking for even in daily life.
The best way human ever express beauty is an art. Art can be considered as something rather spiritually inspiring but not having any use in daily routines. However, if we apply art principles into everyday life, we can have inspirations on daily basis.

    If woman manages to look beautiful it gives her confidence. By looking good and dressed well you set your mind to do your best job whatever you are going to do. It has good impact to the quality of work you do thus performance, and improves chances of career growth or business success.

In art there are 5 Art Principles which can be applied to other life aspects if you try to achieve beauty. They are: harmony, rhythm, balance, proportion, emphasis. These principles can be observed in famous paintings, and at the same time you can apply them to any other life aspect including your outfits! This is how beauty in the outfit can be achieved.


Correctly chosen outfits can help to look beautiful

     An object can look beautiful if it meets 5 Art Principles and meets its purpose (in other words performs its function). Apply this rule to your clothing, make up, hair styles. Here it is, now we have 5 principles of style!

     Talking about clothing, it has to be comfortable for wearing to meet it’s purpose. Clothing should not contradict with body lines and proportions. Then it will look beautiful on body and will allow you to move with grace.


Feeling that you look beautiful will help to focus on your other goals

Clothing really does have a huge impact to the way how woman feels about herself. If you feel that you look beautiful, you become more confident. Having confidence about how you look today, you can focus on your other goals like career, family, business, communication instead of thinking too much about your look. Really, I noticed it with myself. So it’s particularity important to feel that way if you have a special event at the day: date, business meeting, public speaking, important gathering or etc.

     Beautiful clothing must let you do your job efficiently. This is how clothing can bring power of beauty into everyday life.

     In fact, to look beautiful you don’t really need to have many clothing. It is enough to have just a few perfect outfits which your will assemble base on the art principles. You will look astonishing with no additional expenses.

Beautiful clothing has to be flattering in color, lines, form and – let’s say it again – comfortable for wearing. By the way, not only clothing, but your shoes as well! If you sacrifice your comfort wearing high heels full day, your feet will suffer, get tired. Are you still able to walk beautiful? Sure, not, so don’t think it’s for the sake of beauty. There is nothing beautiful to see tired suffering lady hardly walking in high heel shoes.


Choose clothing flattering by color, form and shape to look beautiful

     Try to apply basic art principles to your look and sure you will look beautiful!

     Guys, feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below! Do you agree fashion can be considered as an art? Can art principles to be useful in everyday living? Is it necessary for you to feel beautiful? Please let me know your thoughts about the topic!


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