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     Let’s talk a bit more about career outfits. And in particular about career outfits for young employees who are just in the beginning of their career.


In the beginning of your career try to make right impression

Maybe you are fresh college or university graduate, or maybe you decided to make some life changes and switch your career from one industry to another. In other words, you are quite new to the new to the industry you got employed. You do not have significant experience yet but feel enthusiastic about new work and new career.

     It happens to all of us at some stages of life. Since long experience is not your strength yet, you need to create impression that you are promising and enthusiastic employee.

     One of the right ways to create good impression is to work out an appropriate career outfit.

Our clothing (and style as extension of clothing we are wearing) send an affirmative non-verbal signals to others and can make stand out from the crowd. It has special meaning for career as it improves chances to be noticed, which in its turn increases chances of promotion to the higher level thus able to improve career. Remember a common saying: “Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have”. Take it seriously as it really works.


Right outfits also count for career improvement

     It is very important to look presentable at work (well, actually not only at work, but since this post is about career, let’s focus on that). If people see you looking presentable on a regular basis, they believe that you can do the job. Right impression is exactly what you need.

     Once you passed an interview successfully and got a job, you need to maintain the new wardrobe level. You cannot go back to your pre-interview wardrobe and the new wardrobe has contributed to your success and you have to keep this level and raise it up.

     Make your style be your personal brand. Anyway, remember that it helped you to get a job!

     Career wardrobe has to meet dress code requirements in the organisation you are employed. Make sure you look appropriate to the place and industry where you are working.

     Also do not forget about impeccable grooming.


Impression created to other also has impact to career growth

You may think those little things have no relation to your professional activity? Well, they all affect impression we create to others. Good impression increases chances of successful career. Being dressed appropriately and looking well-groomed, you create impression to others that you are organised and efficient.

     If colleagues and bosses regularly see you dressed sloppy, with not fresh hair (in the morning you have absolutely no time to wash it!) or chipped manicure, it will not make impression of a person who is efficient and organised. So you see, those things also count for career improvement.

     You may know some women who make you admire by their business appearance and professional skills. It would be a good idea to observe how they dress and use it for your own wardrobe inspiration.

    If you stick to looking presentable every day, it will become your habit and will not take much time and efforts. And it really helps to organise yourself, what will have a good impact to your career too! This is another bonus if looking presentable.

    Try this out, and all best wishes with your career!