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     Surely it had happened to most of us – we have applied for a dream job and invited for interview! After the first joyful emotions it is time to think what interview outfit to choose.


Impact of interview outfit also counts for the interview results

During interview company will consider not only your direct professional skills and experience but also an overall impression you create. So it is very important what impression you create to the interviewer. First impression is being created within first few seconds, and your look has a great impact to that. Let your interview outfit confirm  that your are really experienced and skillful before you have said anything!

     So what is it best to choose as an interview outfit? Definitely, your intention is to impress the interviewer. He/she is already impressed by your qualifications from the CV you submitted that’s why you are invited for the interview. Now it’s time to confirm and deepen the right impression.


Preparing the interview outfit, need to understand brand values of the company you applied for a position. Is this company traditional in attitude, casual, friendly in attitude? You interview outfit has to create impression that you meet this attitude completely.


Interview outfit has to meet company’s attitude and expectations


Planning an interview outfit, would be good to check what existing company’s staff is wearing for work


If in doubts, try to search for company website and look at office photos they post. What is the existing staff wearing? Alternatively, you can pass by the office of the company at lunch time and have a look to the existing staff’s outfit personally.

Different companies may have different dress code requirements. However there is a rule of thumb what interview outfit you can select attending interview in different companies:

  • Law firms
    Interview outfit has to be formal, professional, business outfit in its traditional understanding

  • Firms cutting edge of technology
    Make your interview outfit look business casual and current

  • Friendly firms
    Interview outfit can look business casual, approachable colors can be used

  • Healthcare firms
    Interview outfit and overall look has to neat, showing impeccable grooming


Do not choose interview outfit which looks extremely trendy unless you are applying for the position in fashion industry. In any other companies/industries this will look terrifying for interviewer and may cost you a good job position.


Do keep in mind that extremely trendy interview outfit will be appropriate for fashion industry but may not work well for others

Try to search some ideas in Pinterest, nowadays it offers an incredible range of good photos for inspiration.

Also you don’t have to look too creative, again if it is not the direct requirement of the position you applied for.


If in doubts, make you interview outfit rather more formal than more casual


In case if you are still not sure about your interview outfit, try to go more on a caution side. Better your outfit will be more formal than required than if it is more casual than required.

     Interview outfit is a way to transmit the respect to the company you applied for and to its values.

     Take a final look to your outfit before leaving the house. Does it show necessary respect to the company? Do you feel confident and looking appropriate if dress like this? If all the answers are positive, go ahead!

     Your dream job is waiting for you, and right interview outfit will contribute to getting it! Good luck!

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