Let’s discuss how to choose fashion details that will suit you the best on your bottom clothing. (If you are looking for advice how to choose fashion details on tops or type of flattering waistline for your body shape, find it at the links from my earlier posts ).


Avoid wearing fashion details on you less flattering areas and, instead, focus on figure assets like thin waist, for example

There is a general rule applicable for all types of fashion details: do not wear any details on your widest part. Some people may think fashion details at that areas help to hide them or create more attractive look, but in fact details only will attract unnecessary attention to the unflattering areas making them even wider. Keep clothing design at widest parts simple and instead focus on your figure assets, for example, thin waist if you are Triangle (Pear) body shape.

  • Fashion details at thighs

     Choosing type of thigh lines, consider whether your thighs are wider than hips. If so, wear looser-fitting trousers and skirts, and avoid any details on the thighs.

  • Hemline fashion details

     Make sure that bottom clothing does not end at the widest part of your figure. In case of bottom clothing, do not end it at the fullest part of the legs.

     If your clothing length is above the knee, you need to consider leg fullness. If fullest part is above the knee, avoid exposing it. And just remember about wearing appropriate length depending on the place you are attending.

     If you are wearing knee-length bottom, finish it at the most narrow point of the knee. Typically this is a point just below the knee.

     Calf-length bottom should end below the fullest part of the calf. Just follow a general rule for the clothing length, so that you can see at what point of the calf it has to end.

     Wearing maxi length (floor length) skirts or trousers, let them end at the narrow point of the ankle. Exposing the thinnest part will make the look more attractive.


  • Ankle line fashion details

Attention has to be paid to whether ankles are thin or wide. If thin ankles are exposed, you can wear ankle straps, socks with nice designs, different textures at the ankles. For wide ankles open-fronted shoes look very flattering.


Open-fronted shoes will look as flattering fashion details on wide ankles

     Small fashion details do have an impact to the overall look. They may be not so much noticeable on their own, they are rather a “hue” than a “color”. But if they are chosen not appropriately, overall impression of the look can be changed.

     Try to pay attention to those little details to create the most flattering look. Anyway, a big picture is always composed by a number of details. And if those details are chosen in a right way, you will be able to look your best.