You might be thinking about it before. Or probably you have already noticed that various clothing models with different types of waistline suits you different. Waistline type has its impact to the way clothing fits you and looks on the body. Knowing little recommendations below, you can choose what waistline will be a better choice for you.

     General recommendation is really little. What you need is just to know your Body shape and Vertical body proportions (if not familiar yet, you can find detailed information at the links given). Knowing what are your figure assets and less flattering areas will help to balance the overall look.


Waistband requires clearly defined waistline

Remember a rule that low clothing waistline makes the body look longer. This is exactly what you need to balance body proportions if you have high-waisted figure (again, for details about this figure type please refer to the post about Vertical Body Proportions), but not recommended for low-waisted figures to avoid unproportional look. Opposite, raised waistline will create a visual impression of shorter body. This is a good option for low-waisted figures but not recommended for high-waisted bodies.

    Belts have a very useful quality to divert attention from the full rounded body. That would be a good choice for Apple Body shape. If you have tummy, do use a wide belt, it will make you look slimmer. Also belts are able to create visual appearance of the waistline, so that it becomes a good option for figures with naturally not defined waist: Rectangular and Inverted Triangle Body shape.

    Waistband on cruisers and skirts is another type of waistline. It looks good only on figure with clearly defined waistline. If you are Hourglass Body Shape or Triangle Body Shape, you can make it your choice. Wide waistbands look specially good on low-waisted body proportions.

     Elasticized waistline is a good choice for those whose waistline size frequently changes. Better to wear elasticized waistline covered, however beware of creating additional volume and bulky look by doing that. Non-gathered waistline looks more flattering to the figure than gathered.

     Dropped waistline is a good choice for high-waisted body proportions. It will bring your waistline down visually creating a necessary balance in proportions. However it is not recommended for low-waisted bodies due to exactly the same reason.

Hipster waistline is a type of pants’ cut that comes rather to the hips than to the natural waistline. In other words this is a dropped waistline pants. Following recommendation for the dropped waistline, it is recommended for wearing by high-waisted figure creating illusion of a lower waistline. At the same time it is not the best option for low-waisted body proportions, pants with raised waistline will be more preferable.


Raised waistline suits well low-waisted body proportions

    Hipster waistline is also a good choice for figures with naturally not defined waists: Rectangular Body Shape, Inverted Triangle Body shape.

    Those who have figures with rounded tummies have to try avoiding hipsters, especially in combination with tight tops. Raised waistline will be a better option for in this case.


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