Grooming is a way of presentation yourself to others

Even though this blog is dedicated to fashion and style, I can’t help highlighting about importance of grooming. Grooming is the key of your appearance, and it’s importance stands even before your clothing.

Grooming helps to look clean, neat and polished. Neat hair, groomed nails, neat face with or without make up – all of that is attention to the details of your appearance and able to alter the impression you make to other people.

In other words, grooming is a way of presenting yourself. Well-groomed person shows that he/she has self respect and deserves care, respect, attention and time of other people and himself/herself.

Let’s discuss item by item what exactly makes the grooming.

– Hair

Hair has to look polished.

It’s important to find a haircut which suits you best. If in doubts, make an appointment with a stylist or reputable hair salon and ask them to advise. Or just check through fashion magazines and find a model with your face shape, notice what hair style she is wearing and try it. Keep your haircut refreshed every 6-8 weeks.

Always style you hair the way exposing your eyes and face. It will make you look open to others, look elegant and simply will be more comfortable in wearing.

Good looking hair need time to be spent on it. Plan when can you find time for your hair care and hair styling. Long locks don’t look attractive if they are in bad condition. If you have lack of time, you may consider elegant but shorter haircuts requiring less time for grooming.

And of course, we all have bad hair days. Workout a few quick and easy hairstyles which you can do at that day. You can try searching in YouTube, it’s full of tutorials for bad hair days.

If you color your hair, make sure you give a proper attention to the roots in time.

– Skincare

Skincare routine is a very individual and depends on you skin type, budget and time available for skincare. However I can share a common advice suitable for everyone. First, do not overcleanse your skin in the morning. Wash it with water or use any natural oil based cleansed, you don’t have to use soap based cleansers in the morning. But do a proper cleansing in the evening especially if you wear make up. Do not forget to exfoliate your face once or twice a week. You can find more tips about skin exfoliation in the post SKIN EXFOLIATION.

– Face

Major advice is to take care of eyebrow shaping. This is a little thing which has a powerful effect to the whole face look. It’s good to engage a specialist if you never had to shape your eyebrows before, and later can just touch up your shape brows.

– Make-up

This is not compulsory requirement for the grooming. It’s totally up to you whether you prefer to wear make up or not. If you feel confident and attractive without make up, there is no reason for forcing yourself wearing it.

However if you prefer to wear make up, try to make it look natural. Let people notice your beauty enhanced by neat make up and not your make up on itself. Too much of make up looks artificial and creates impression that you are trying to hide.

“No make-up” make up style is the best option for regular daily wearing. It will make you look naturally beautiful and at the same time will give a confidence that you look you best.


They don’t have to be perfectly white, but make sure your teeth are clean and healthy. Remember to brush them minimum twice a day and do flossing every evening.

– Scent

This is also not compulsory for grooming, however you can choose a signature fragrance if you want so. Just be careful and do not apply too much as some people are sensitive to the fragrances. Especially avoid using much of perfume if you are going to be in a close quarter with others: classroom, plane, long car trips etc.

– Unwanted hair

Just a reminder to take care about your zones where hair is unwanted. Nowadays there are many ways of grooming that areas: waxing, shaving, threading, bleaching, laser hair removal. They are for different budget, pain tolerance and longevity of results so choose what is the most appropriate for you.
Well, it may look a lot, but it is worthy to do grooming. Try to create a simple routine which is the most convenient for you and stick to it every day. Over time it will become a habit and will not take much of time. But it will make you look your best on a daily basis, give a confidence in your look and you will not be willing to look worse anymore.

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