Let’s understand fashion details on tops as different types of necklines, waistlines, sleeves, bust lines etc. All of them have impact to how clothing looks on us, and many of them have special recommendations for wearing. Mostly those recommendations depend on your body shape and proportions.

     Let’s discuss how to choose fashion details for your tops.

– Neckline:

     Your best type of neckline is determined by a few factors:

            – how prominent your collarbone and upper chest;
            – how long is your neck;
            – whether you have double chin or not;
            – whether you want to revel your upper chest area or not.


Boat neckline visually widens the shoulders

Boat or slash neckline type visually widens the shoulders. So it s just right for you if you body shape is Triangle and shoulders are narrow. However boat/slash neckline is not recommended for those of you having prominent collarbones and/or scrawny neck.

Scoop neckline type is acceptable for all body shapes. It looks particularly good on narrow shoulders. Triangle body shapes can consider this neckline design for their tops.

     Bardot type of neckline also looks good on all body shapes. It is not recommended only for figures with sloping shoulders.

V- neckline is also quite universal type of neckline and looks good on most of women. It looks it’s best if accessories. However do not choose too deep V-neckline exposing too much of cleavage. Also, figures with long neck may not look their best in this type of neckline.

Crew neckline is good for all body shape and proportions. Just make sure it fits you well.


V-neckline is universal and suits most of women

     Roll necklines can create effect of a shorter neck. Wear it only if you have a long neck, for short necks it is not recommended. Also, avoid roll neck if you have a double-chin.

     Same advice applicable to mandarin collars. Avoid them if your neck is a bit short or you have a double-chin.


Avoid roll neckline if you have double chin

Cowl necklines look their best on full-busted figures.

Wear ruffles/frills if you have longer neck and soft facial features.

Shirt collars are not recommended for short necks.

Jewel neckline suits all body shapes and all neck length, you can feel free to wear it.

     Halter necklines are very complimentary to Triangle Body shapes. They are able to mitigate the look of wide shoulders.


– Shoulder lines and sleeve type:

     Inserted sleeves are good for all body shapes. If you have rounded sloping shoulders, you can try wearing shoulder pads.

     Raglan sleeve looks it’s best on square shoulder line.

     Dropped shoulder line visually adds width to shoulders, so it can be a good option for Triangle Body shape and less preferable for Inverted Triangle shapes. Also dropped shoulder line helps to soften a straight, strong shoulder line.

     Shoulder pads are good option for sloping shoulders. They create straightening effect and make shoulders look well shaped.


– Bust lines:


Scoop neckline will compliment narrow shoulders

Underwear has a great impact to the way clothing fits you. First of all make sure you have a right bra. Wrong bra is able to alter your size and even body shape.

For small busts fashion details on the tops are welcomed: pockets, buttons, applique, ruffles, slogans. You can choose clothing made of textured fabric, or wear clothing layered. Padded bra is a good helper for small-busted figures.

     Full-busted figures have to choose simple cuts and plain fabrics, avoid heavy textures. Best neckline options for you are V-neckline and jewel neckline. Choose little ruching that will shape into the bust so your figure will not look bulky. Good top options for full-busted figures are crossover tops and wrap tops. Make sure that darts on your tops fit underneath the fullest part of your bust. And try to avoid wearing short sleeves as they will look not complementary if you are full busted.

And final advice applicable to all body shapes is never finish your garment at the widest or fullest part of your body. Tops and jackets should not end at the widest hip point, do not end skirts at the fullest part of the leg. Figures with wide waists cannot wear short tops ending at the waist.

Fashion details on clothing may seem not so significant but in fact they are able to impact the whole look. Keep in mind those simple rules and you will always make a right choice.


Crew neckline will suit any boody shape and neck length

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