Punk style was on its peak of popularity at 70s and has its followers up to now. It was popularized by punk music brands of that time and very stably settled in the fashion. Punk style is even more than a fashion trend. It’s considered by its followers as a lifestyle and way to reveal personality.


Punk style looks very bold

Need to say punk style is one of the brightest, attention drawing styles. It’s extremely bold and rebellious, it always gets noticed and makes heads turning. However, not always it gets understanding from other people and even may be shocking for some people due to its extremely bold look.

     The main concept of punk style is to stand out, to look unique and different from others, but at the same time to use only basic or old clothing. This style is a lot about “do it yourself”: manually torn or cut jeans, t-shirts painted by marker, handmade metal accessories.

     Base colors of punk style are black and white, however are often mixed with bright, striking colors and patterns. Same bold colors are often hair color and nail color: blue, green, bright red, purple etc.

Typical representatives of ladies’ punk style wardrobe are biker leather jackets (either real or faux leather), t-shirts, sheer color tights, statement denim clothing, tops with images of favorite punk music bands. For evening night out it can be a velvet dress with lace gloves, or satin blouse with leather skinny pants.


Punk style is more than fashion trend but lifestyle and way to reveal personality

     Favorite punk style accessories are metal made: chunky chain strapped purses, spiky metal cuff bracelets, studs, grommets, safety pins, even dog collars. They may have some sign of aggression for other people and it’s one of reason why not everyone finds it acceptable. If you are willing to dress up punk style for daily wearing, you need to be aware and ready for that.

     As for footwear, punk style favorites are heavy, military type boots, leather motorcycle boots or gumshoes.


Punk style prefers bold colors in clothing as well as hair color and nail color

If happens that you style seems shocking for other people, maybe your parents, or classmates, colleagues, for regular daily activity try to wear different pieces at different days. Mix them with more regular items, without making too “concentrated” punk style look. Maybe, one day you wear stud leather jacket, other day – bright hued tights.

Also need to remember whether your look is acceptable for one or another occasion. Attending a wedding or graduation party will require more classic dressing, unless otherwise specified in dress-code, and breaking commonly used dress-code will look rather a challenge to others than a way to reveal personality.


Dressed in punk style, you will never stay not noticed

     Being extremely bold, punk style requires lots of confidence. Attracting so much of public attention, there will be no chance to stay not noticed. So if you have any concern on the figure challenges, make sure they are not shown off, and it will give you more confidence in your look.

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