Grunge style appeared in 1990s.

Grunge style is tightly related to grunge music being so popular in 1990s. Up to now it’s a noticeable element of American style. Originally it was considered rather as a style of youngsters, but now it can offer good options even for more mature and status people who gives preference to grunge style.

     Grunge style is inspired by idea of sloppy carelessness. Bright example of music bands which had impact to grunge style forming are Nirvana and Garbage.

     Nowadays grunge style is not really a sign of listening grunge music and being accepted by many other people. It its latest adaptation it became more variable and include colors unusual to it previously: yellow, red, teal, orange, plum color. (To find out, what exactly fashion colors will be a good choice for you, read our post Choose your right fashion color).


Grunge style always looks effortless. Any old piece of clothing, distressed or faded, can find a second life in grunge style wardrobe. You don’t have to buy pricey branded items, but pretty well can compose your wardrobe from second hand stores.


Grunge style always looks effortless

     Base of grunge style wardrobe are baby doll dresses, plaid cowboy shirts (which are classic of grunge style), skinny or straight jeans, jackets, cosy caps, plaid sweaters, flannel shirts, madras print tops, basic long sleeve tees, distressed or faded blazers. Combine these items in different ways to get grunge style outfit. Wear cowboy shirt with your skinny jeans and jacket. More mature women can create a simple outfit consisting of straight jeans, jacket and motorcycle boots.


Baby doll dress are typical for grunge style

Another option for the grunge style top is madras print top. But do consider your body shape choosing it as horizontal lines can widen the figure visually. For slim figures best choice will be wide strips on the print. Full figures have to choose regular navy strips at 1.5 cm width and create vertical lines within outfit for slimming effect. It can be scarf hanging down from shoulders and creating vertical lines, or blazer worn open.

Layering of the clothing within one outfit is one of grunge style signatures. Wear your clothing in a few layers: basic tees first, cardigans or sweaters and blazers as the cover layer.

In modern interpretation grunge style clothing is more fitting and complementing the figure than it was originally. If you feel you look shapeless after putting on a few layers of clothing, add a leather belt with silver or steel color buckle. It will highlight your waist and give your look more defined shape.


Grunge style clothing is more fitting in modern interpretation


Clothing layering is one of grunge style signatures

Also for shape  creating purpose all the layers you wear can be fitting well. Layering doesn’t really have to be loose. Choose a slim fitting long sleeve tee with distressed blazer above it, and figure with defined shape will be created. Complete the look with loose scarf on your neck to add a feel of grunge style.

     Accessories for grunge style outfits should not look luxurious, unlike, for example, glamour style. Keep them simple and easy: simple homemade bracelets, hemp necklaces (yes, its about grunge style history which you may know), suede bags.

     As for grunge style hairstyles, they also should look effortless as the style itself carries idea of carelessness. Easiest choice is to wear cold-weather knitted beanie without exposing your hair to complete the look in grunge style.

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