Glamour style is spotlight worthy

Glamour style is very famous and considered as the most chic, luxurious and affordable not to everyone. Is it really so?

Glamour style outfits are always chic and spotlight-worthy. It starts at 40s-50s, and it’s significant enough to say this is the style of many retro Hollywood legends including Marilyn Monroe. This is the style displayed by many celebrities on the red carpet up to now.

However glamour style is not only big screen or red carpet style, but have everyday variations as well.

Real glamour style does have a retro sense. Glamour style wardrobe must have retro polka dot blouses, tailored high-waisted trousers, chic wraps, detailed cardigans, pencil skirts, silk dresses.


Glamour style offers choices for daily wear as well as red carpet

     Fit and appearance of the clothing is crucial in glamour style. No dishevelled look is acceptable. Clothing always have to be in its best condition: clean, steamed or ironed if needed. Remember, glamour is the style for being spotlighted, and you have to be ready to that even in your every life – if you choose glamour style, of course.

     For every day wear, you don’t have to dress the red carpet way, but make sure your clothing fits you perfect. For example, you can choose flattering cotton dress with attractive flats. If you prefer pants, forma collection of high-waisted and wide-legged pants, you can combine them with attractive tops. Waist-band of the pants should be sitting at your belly button to create the look supporting glamour styles. Pants with center crease and wide leg flare is what glamour girls go for.

     Being ready for spotlight, glamour style is style of luxurious, expensive-looking sparkling. For evening event, it has to be complemented with real brilliants or their budget versions: rhinestones. Alternatively, you can wear shiny metals for sparkling effect. Evening look in glamour style will probably include sparkling brooch, oversized rings, chandelier earrings.

Hair and make up are very important in glamour style, and they always have to be polished. Any hairstyle will be acceptable as long as it suits you best. As for make-up, eyes and lips have to be accentuated.

Glamour style requires a lot of self-care. It’s all about looking polished: nails, skin, hair.

glamour style-glamour style-2

Glamour style is all about looking polished

glamour style-glamour style-1

Glamour is the style of confident people who managed to achieve self-realization and status

However, creating look in glamour style, make sure you look acceptable to every certain situation. Brilliant shine and evening dresses are not for every occasion and acceptable for evening time only.

Glamour style accepts no vulgarity, outfit should not look tasteless, and chic level has to be acceptable to the situation. Glamour style is not to show off or imitate wealth, but this is the style of confident people who achieved some status and self-realization. It looks elegant and beautiful but it’s not the way of any kinds of showing-off.

As for other usual daily occasions, glamour style can be created even for the beach look. Wear high-waisted swimsuit and beaded cover up (surely, sparkling is not acceptable at the beach).

Most common prints in glamour style are animal and flowery prints, or deep and bright monochrome colors, pink is one of favorites.

glamour style-glamour style

Glamour style appeared in 40s-50s and chosen by many retro and modern Hollywood celebrities

     Following rules and choosing outfits tastefully, you can create a real glamour style even for your daily life, and look not worse than Hollywood celebrities!

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