Preppy style looks neat, chic and modest

Preppy style appeared appeared in 50s and reached its popularity peak in 80s. This style originates from young people, students of good universities, coming from respectful families with high social status and financially strong, sometimes famous. They way  guys preferred to dress for their university study time and leisure was intelligent, simple but tasteful  and finally formed a new style – preppy style. Up to date it’s preferred by many university students. 

Preppy style looks stylish and expensive, neat and chic and comfortable at the same time. 

Base of preppy style wardrobe are blazers, knitted vests, cotton shirts, polo shirts, pullovers, cardigans, ties, tapered and straight pants, pleated or trapezoidal skirts, ballet flats, shoes with rounded toes and straps at the ankles.


Preppy style is know for use of bright colors or patterns


Preppy style is close to classic style

Preppy style has a lot in common with classic style but its more casual, colorful and patterned. At the same time it’s even more conservative and refers to old fashion school. Modesty is one of the valuable preppy style features: skin is never exposed much, skirts are not shorter than a knee length, pants are usually high-waisted. Even if length is shorter than knee length, it always looks elegant and decent.

Preppy style is known for bright colors and prints. Most favourable colors are pink, green, navy blue, canary yellow, tropical turquoise, mixed and matched between themselves and base colors like khaki, white, neutrals. Use of black color is very minimum in preppy style.

Featured prints are strips, checks, rhombus, polka dot, fabrics are madras, seersucker, cable knits. Easiest example of preppy style outfit is madras print shorts and a cable knit sweater.



Preppy style matches bright and neutral colors


Make sure preppy’s colors and prints are worn correctly and matched your figure

Since colors and prints are typical style trait, make sure your wear them right it they match your figure. Wear darker monochrome color on your challenge body part (for example, pants, if your concern is hips, or top, if your concern is full bust, wide shoulders or tummy) and print or bright color on the other part. You can read more in our post COLOUR TRICKS. HOW TO USE COLOURS TO CREATE VISUAL EFFECTS.

Preppy style makes a statement by colors and prints, that’s why jewelries and accessories do not play a big role into creating the style. They must be elegant but not drawing much attention to themselves: pearl stud earrings, pearl necklaces, diamonds, tennis bracelets. Amount of accessories in preppy style outfit is tends to the minimum not to overload outfit with accents in addition to colors/prints.



Accessories do not play a big role in preppy style

Bags also have to be practical: bagpacks, clutch type folder bags, square shoulder bags. 

Preppy style is timeless, always trendy and has no age limits. Try it out and see, is it is the style you are looking for?

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