Bohemian style is on peak of popularity since 60s-70s

Bohemian style was on the peak on its popularity in 60s-70s was related to the famous hippie motion. Bohemian style transmits the idea of freedom in choices, including choices of clothing and style choices. Even though it is originating from the hippie, overtime bohemian style became a totally independent and loved by many people up to date.

     Up to now it is very popular and loved by many people including celebrities. Bohemian style is rather a way too express yourself and your personality than a fashion trend and it makes the style timeless and actual. It helps to create soft, romantic, career-free attitude, countryside look. Bohemian style is most typically preferred by people working in creative industry or just having creative thinking and personality. That also can be a perfect option for your weekend style.

The easiest typical example of everyday outfit in bohemian style is boyfriend or flared jeans paired with peasant top, gladiator or other sandals, oversized hobo bag. Outfit can be complete with lots of accessories: armful of gold bangles, long chains around the neck, pearls or ethnic accessories.


Boyfriend jeans worn with peasant top and sandals are is the easiest outfit in bohemian style


Outfits in bohemian style look soft and feminine

Bohemian style creates soft and flowing look, feminine look. You can choose for your outfits loose and layered clothing, flared skirts with tunics or vests. Try mixing fitting and loose clothing within one outfit. If you prefer to wear jeans, they have to be perfectly fitting and complementing the figure. Choose unusual models and designs making your style stand out. Usually tops in bohemian style may have embroidery, usually natural or flowery, ethnic or baby doll style tops.

Bohemian style looks feminine, chic and expensive.

Base colors preferred in bohemian style are neutral: white, denim, metallic, tan and skin colors, beige, brown. Usually clothing in bohemian style complemented with bright prints like floral, nature, ethnic prints.


Neutral colors are base in bohemian style


Natural materials and natural look are preferred in bohemian style

Details in bohemian style are the most important elements, that is the reason why it emphasizes use of accessories. Jewelries and accessories are usually earthy and natural looking but worn in a large numbers.

Bohemian style gives preference to natural materials. Adding some kitted clothing or bangs to your outfit will make it closer to hippie style.

Interesting thing about bohemian style is in its concept it denies the fashion and states for the freedom of your style. You don’t have to worry about any special rules while creating your outfit in bohemian style, just make sure it makes you look your best, tasteful and feels comfortable.


Ethnic and nature prints are typical for bohemian style

You can try bohemian style and see if you find it comfortable for wearing and weather it suits your personality. If so, boho style is made just for you. If not, maybe it’s not exactly what you are looking for. Try other styles, and you will definitely find your own.


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