Base of classic style is basic wardrobe

Major advantage of classic style is it’s always trendy and never go out of fashion. Even though many people may have impression classic style is boring, complete outfit in this style looks incredibly feminine and elegant.

Base of the classic style is basic wardrobe

     The easiest example of classic outfit is white button down shirt with jeans, typically dark color, leather belt, ballet shoes, and feminine accessories like structured bag, diamond stud earrings, scarf, also oversized sunglasses might be added at sunny day. All outfit is made in neutral or black and white color, the only typical color accent is scarf.

Classic style girls almost always add watch to the accessories, either oversized metal models or with classic leather strap.

Accessories are the one making overall look very feminine and elegant. They are never bright or big, always small size, neutral , calm, matching colors. They don’t draw much attention to themselves but complete the look.


Accessories in classic style outfit are never big


Classic style is always trendy

Transforming the same outfit to the evening look, bag will be changes to the neutral color clutch, ballet flats to heels, fitted feminine blazer can be added.

Most common color preferred for classic style are navy, white, black, and other neutrals like beige, ivory, tan or nude color etc. However color accents can be added as well.

Classic style prefers classic lines and cuts in clothing: defined shoulder line, straight pants, knee length skits (or just above the knee but not mini). Ladies dressing up this way make impression of being well organised, intelligent, confident. It looks easy and chic.

Classic style is a good way to make a good impression. This style is acceptable for most jobs and occupations from office work to stay-at-home employee or a mom. Also it’s acceptable for any age and body shape.

Classic style will be comfortable for women with rational and sensible characters. If you prefer classic style, probably you don’t like extravagant or bright outfits attracting too much attention to themselves. Also it may be a good choice as your work outfit.


Classic style is acceptable for most jobs and professions

     However classic style may not be comfortable and not recommended for creative people and creative professions. With its standard of strict lines and shapes, you might feel restricted, feel it doesn’t reveal your creative personality or just have other particular dress code requirements at working place.

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