There are a few major aspects forming everyone’s style. All together they make style of each person unique. Considering all of that aspects will benefit for you a lot. You will look great, feel great, confident, comfortable and look appropriate. And whatever your wear, it has to complement you and your figure totally. Remember a 10-score rule from the post Core concept to compose your wardrobe. One by one, let’s go through them:


Profession is one of crucial items determining style

– Profession

Profession dictates what to wear during work hours. Depending on what your profession is, you will have to be consistent with your company and industry dress code requirements while trying to reveal your personality though the style in acceptable way.

     Your style and the way how you dress have impact to your career. Has your career changed recently? Probably style has to be changed as well. Or do you want any career changes? Fine tune your style. Is it consistent with the industry and workplace requirements? Say, working as lawyer, cannot dress to the office the way how your favourite singer does on the stage even if it’s close to your ideas and feelings. Career dress code requirements are one of critical to keep in mind.

– Marital status

If you are single, you need to be ready to meet your love at any time and any place. Look appropriate wherever you go and later you will not regret that lost your chance only because of inappropriate look.
Even if you are long time married, doesn’t mean you already don’t have to look nice and attractive for your husband. There is a saying men love by eyes, you will please his eyes a lot by a good look.


Being married, maintain your style to stay attractive for husband

     Having small children, your style has to be as comfortable as possible, maybe a kind of sporty, by do remember to stay looking tasteful.


Style has to consider climate specific

– Place of residence

This is what needs to be considered due to climate specific, culture and religion, or whether you live in a big fashion city or a small relaxed town. Wherever you live, you need to look appropriate at the place of living.

– Age

Certain style rules are applicable to certain age. Breaking them may look tasteless. You can find more information in the post Dress up according to you age.


Certain style rules are applicable to certain age


Activities style can be flattering yet comfortable

– Activities and hobbies

Sure, whatever you do, you need to feel comfortable thus dress comfortable. But comfortable doesn’t mean untidy or ugly. Even spending time at home reading a book or browing internet, you need to look good. Why? Because it makes you feel good and confident. No need to overdress, just make sure even your basic home clothing is flattering you by color and design, no matter how simple it is. And when you see yourself at the mirror, you feel totally satisfied.

– Body type

It includes your size, body shape, vertical proportions, height. Just to say again, clothing has to be flattering.


Body type has an impact to style as well

– Your color wheel type (“season”)

     That’s about finding your right fashion colours. Nowadays there are quite a lot worthy classifications developed. One of them you can find at the above mentioned link.

– Personality

     This is what you want to say by means of your style to other people. Everything you wear tells something to other people, whether it’s a statement on your t-shirt, or length and color of your skirt, statement necklace, status blazer and so on and on. Composing outfit, think what it will silently tell others about you, and what you would really want to tell? Make sure these it’s consistent with one another.

     Consider all of these aspects, and you will develop your unique flattering style.

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