Volumized and fitted dresses and skirts are typical for pin up style

Pin up style becomes more and more popular nowadays. You can find pin up style pictures in magazines, advertisements of professional photo sessions offering photos made in pin up style, can see celebrities dressed up in pin up.

This style appeared in middle of last century in the USA. Typical traits of pin up style were accentuated waistline, volumized or fitted skirts, pretty shoes (either heels or flats), flowers and ribbons at the hair, bright manicure and make up. Magazines, commercials, calendars and greeting cards of that time have shown pretty girls dress in pin up style.

      Actually, this is what have given the name to the style: beautiful pictures were pinned up to the walls, naming the style accordingly. Pin up was considered quite a bold style as very often girls on the pictures partially exposed their legs, shoulders, decollete.

     Even though fashion returns and pin up style is popular again, do not try to copy it totally from the pictures. Even looking pretty, total copying will look weird and old-fashioned. Nowadays modern clothing has to be used but stylized accordingly if you would like to dress up in pin-up style.

     Pin up style has three variations, any of which can be used in modern time:


Cowboy shirt can help to create a variation of pin up style

– “American housewife” pin up style

Typical outfit options for this variation is cowboy (plaid) shirt knotted at the waist, high rise jeans rolled up at the ankles and hair band.

– “Girl next door” pin up style

Outfit for this variation can be a dress with floral print, polka dot or monochrome color. Dress has to be fitted at the wait and chest highlighting diffetrence between breast-waist-hips measurements. Create perfect hourglass body shape figure. It has to look feminine but avoid any vulgarity in your outfit. This is the most beautiful thing of pin up style: looking womanful but decent without any vulgar hint. Main rule here is to avoid mini skirts.


Pin up style dresses always look decent


Hairband will help to create pin up style

– Modern version of pin up style

Modern version is to use only one element of the style. For example, you can wear your favoutrite jeans and t-shirt complementing the look with fashion hair band. A small accessory will change the style totally making you pin up style girl.


Another typical item is make up. Red lips are very common for pin up style. Neatly contoured, they will define your look.


Red lipstick is common for make up in pin up style 

     However please remember to check whether your style and outfit is acceptable to the place you are attending? Pin up style is good for free time events like date as it’s very feminine and romantic, but it might not be acceptable for some places, say, office. Make sure you look as stylish as appropriate to the place.

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