Age doesn’t matter, woman can look good at any time. Knowing a few rules how to dress up according to age, it’s easily achievable.


Age of twenties allows to dress up trendy and inexpensive

  • Twenties

This is time when personal style is forming. Age of twenties allow you experiments with different styles, colours and designs. Keep on trying to find what works best for you.

Dress up to simple basic clothing combining them with inexpensive fashion pieces, interesting bright accessories. Twenties is the age when you can afford looking as trendy as you want.

     Exposed knees, or arms, or shoulders – your age will allow you all that. Just remember not to look too daring and expose only something one of those.

  • Thirties

Age when elegance start to come. You still can wear trendy pieces but have to look more classic. Do not choose too bright colours as in twenties, but wear more deep, neutral or natural colors. Start investing into better quality clothing and accessories.


At age of thirties dress up trendy but more classic

Probably this age you are busy with your career and self-development, your style has to be consistent with your goals. Thirties is the age when style means more than fashion.


At age of forties dress up into classic and status clothing

  • Forties

Age of getting status. Also your style is probably developed by this time. At this age invest into basic wardrobe of the best quality you can afford. You don’t have to care of the trendy things much and rather be classic. However remember to keep modern look, do not look old-fashioned.

     Mistake of some women is they stick to what was trendy during their young age, without noticing that fashion changes. Dress up modern, wear modern hairstyle and make-up. It will make you look appropriate to today’s day and even will help to look younger.

     Some of restrictions of the age of forties and above: do not expose your knees and decollete. First, it doesn’t give you status which is necessary for the age of forties. Second, unfortunately most often it already doesn’t look attractive. Expose your knees only if they look as sharp as young ladies have. Otherwise give your preference to elegance.

  • Fifties and above

Highly elegant and status age. Elegance should be the main concept when you dress up. Style don’ts are mostly the same as for forties age. Do not expose knees, arms, decolette, back. This areas reveal age first of all, even if your look very well and younger than your real age is.


Dress up elegant at the age of fifties and above

     Mistake of mature women trying to look younger is to dress up as younger ladies do. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make anyone to look younger but only reveal this secret wish. Every age has certain rules of dressing up, and breaking them only highlights it even more. Dress up appropriated but modern, and you will see the results! Believe, at any age you do look beautiful.

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