Hi pretty. If you read this post, probably you are suffering from dry hair, aren’t you?

     Let’s look closer on reasons why hair becomes dry.


Curly hair is naturally dry due to porous texture

One of reasons is hair is damaged. It might be due to continuous exposure to the sun, salty water, coloring or other harsh chemical treatment, or frequent use of heated tools for drying and styling the hair.

Another reason why hair is dry is due to naturally porous texture. It’s typical, for example, for curly and wavy hair.


Dry hair, regardless of the reason, has porous texture, it’s not able to absorb and retain moisture. As the result, hair is frizzy, dull, prone to split ends, and very often to dandruff, dry scalp and eczema.


Dry hair is frizzy and hard to style

     If you face this hair issue, you have dry hair. Remember a few “DON’Ts” in your haircare:

– do not wash your hair frequently;

– avoid continuous exposure to the sun, always cover the hair outside;

– avoid contact of hair with salty water during swimming;

– do not use heated tools for drying and styling the hair. Allow your hair to dry naturally. And always use hair heat protection products if heated styling is unavoidable;

– avoid harsh chemical hair treatment;

– avoid using harsh styling products as they dry the hair.


Dry hair requires additional care 


Having dry hair, you need to look closely to your hair care routine. Dry hair requires more attention. You may consider regular salon treatment developed purposely for dry hair, or do home treatment with natural remedies.

     Basic hair care tips for the dry hair:

 – Use mix of essential oil with coconut/almond/olive oil for hair masks and styling.

To use it as styling product, apply a tiny amount to the ends and shafts of your hair. It will moisturize hair, give it shine and eliminate frizz.


Natural oils moisturize dry hair

 – Nourish dry hair from inside

Eat enough proteins and healthy fats to support your hair health. Eat enough vitamins A, B, C, E.


Do scalp massage with natural oils to improve dry hair health


 – Do a regular scalp massage if you suffer from dry scalp.

  – Cut your hair regular

Since dry hair is prone to split ends, try to cut it every 6-8 weeks. If you’re in a process of growing hair longer, do it every 10-14 weeks.

 – Brush and comb dry hair gently not to make brittle ends

 – Use natural hair rinses

 – Use only hair care products developed for dry hair or natural products


Shopping the hair care products, look for ingredients benefiting to hair health:

 – Herbal ingredients like calendula, chamomile, marshmallow, comfrey;

 – Essential oils like geranium, frankincense, palmarosa, sandal wood, chamomile, rose, patchouli, velver. You can add these oils to your shampoo to enrich it.

 – Moisturizing oils like almond, evening primrose, borage, avocado, sunflower, jojoba.

 – Vitamins and elements like vitamin A, B, C,E, biotin, iodine, selenium, omega-3 fatty acids.


A bit of care, and even dry hair will look amazing!


With some efforts even dry hair will become healthy and beautiful

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