Hi pretties. In this post I want to share with you some skincare tips which helped to improve my skin significant and let keep it in a good condition.

I’m coming to my thirties soon. Well, still young, but this is a time when first signs of aging start to appear. Using tips below, I managed to diminish them, and find my skin more beautiful looking, same as it was in my mid twenties.

So here they are:



Natural skincare is a good way for achieving beautiful skin

  • Natural skincare

I was trying lots of well famous and costy skincare brands, and yes, many of them do work. However to my big surprise I discovered that natural skincare – even from budget brands – has even better effect. I was using ready products, but now decided to move forward and make my own skincare myself.

     It turned to be easier than may seem. Organic Shea nut butter can work as an excellent skin moisturizer on its own. Add a few more oils of your choice (for example, olive oil, coconut oil, rosehip oil – heat them all together and cool down) – and your perfect moisturizer is ready.

I noticed strong good effect in a week looking at my photos. Skin became smooth, and my permanent problem of dry skin feeling almost gone.

Also I switched all my cleansing products to natural ones. Natural shampoos dry hair much less than regular ones. Natural hand soaps, facial cleansers and body washes have less drying effect to the skin as well. Complimented with natural handmade toner (I make myself per the easiest recipe I found: rose water, it’s just rose petals infusion).

  • Eat organic veggies and fruits

Not a secret, skin always reflects a health condition. Digestive system had one of the most significant impacts to the skin condition. Revision of your first towards healthier choices may improve your skin condition a lot.

I eat organic oatmeal with mix of fruits and honey almost every morning. I noticed it improved my skin complexion, made it glowing and healthy looking.



Organic fruits and veggies will help to make your skin beautiful as well as have good effect to your health

     Try to add fresh fruits or veggies to your every meal. It will provide your with vitamins while help your digestive system.

     Red and orange color fruits and vegetables are very rich with antioxidants. Tomato, red bell pepper, strawberries, oranges, apples and etc. – make a rule for yourself to eat at least one with every your meal. Opposite, avoid eating sweets and sugar.

     And of course, avoid junk food. Junk food is damaging not only to the look of your skin, but to your health.

  • Drink plenty of water

That’s really a regular advice you might hear everywhere but thing is that it really works. Stay hydrated to keep your skin hydrated from inside.

In addition, every morning I start with 1 glass of lemon water. It had good tonic effect, helps to fell awaken and provides portion of vitamin C.

Here from my experience I can add, do avoid drinking coffee, black tea, alcohol as it has very strong dehydrating effect.


Beautiful skin needs hydration from inside


Facial exercise will help to keep your face shaped

  • Facial exercise

Wrinkles are not the only aging signs. Overtime skin starts sagging, and faces looses its defined shape while increasing in the size, becomes bigger and wider. It happens because face muscles weaken. Doing regular exercise for the face muscles, will keep them shaped. I noticed it makes incredible lifting effect and gives a fresh look to the face.

     For myself, I’m using an exercise program developed by American doctor Carole Maggio called “Facercise”. I came across her book by accident and find it one of crucial parts of my skincare routing now.


Protect your skin with sunblock of your choice

  • Use sunblock every time when going out

UV rays are able to go through glass, so even in the office you may need to protect your skin.

During cold times in winter, sun doesn’t bring much heat but heat is not equivalent to UV rays. Being exposed to the sun in winter, skin still needs protection.

  • Apply skincare by patting motions

Pat your skin slightly for a few minutes while applying face cream until it’s fully absorbed. It’s a good skin massage bringing more oxygen to the skin.

     The last tip may seem obvious but still worth to remind just for completeness:

  • Always remove make up before going to bed, and do a proper cleansing.

The cleaner skin is, the better effect your skincare will have.


Thorough cleansing is one of secrets of a beautiful skin

     These tips I’m using in my skincare routine, and see how skin becomes more beautiful, that’s visible quality improvement. Try this out, and you will see the results.

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