Cowboy shirt is a plaid shirt typically made of cotton or flannel. It’s borrowed by women’s wardrobe directly from men’s wardrobe and looks like a man’s shirt.

     It’s always collared, has pockets at the front, long sleeves with cuffs, buttoned at a single button, and straight or rounded bottom line.


Plaid shirt allows to create variety of outfits

Historically it was worn by American cowboys who needed practical and comfortable clothing for riding horses. That’s why only men were wearing cowboy shirts during that time. However overtime women had borrowed this wardrobe items from men.

Plaid shirt is not only practical and comfortable for wearing but also very stylish and allows to create lots of outfits in different styles.

Plaid shirt has no age limits. However there is a tip for mature women: it has to be worn with more status clothing to look appropriate to the age and status.

Plaid shirt will complement any body shape. Difference is only how to wear it.


Plaid shirt compliments all body shapes

     Remember that 3 checkered colours in the shirt create slimming effect while 2 colours visually add volume and weight. Depending on your purposes – to look slimmer or to hide excessive thinness – choose your color combination.

     Different body shapes have to wear plaid shirt in different ways to compliment the figure:


Plaid shirt belted at the hips will compliment triangle body shape figures

  • Inverted triangle body shape

Inverted triangle body shape needs to balance width difference between shoulder and hip lines. Wear your plaid shirt loose with the belt at hip area. It will help to create visual hip width and balance it with your top half.

  • Hourglass body shape

Hourglass body shape needs to accentuate the waistline to avoid looking plumper than you are. Wearing shirt loosely as overblouse will create visual impression of a tummy and make you look heavier. Simplest way to accentuate your waist is to knot bottom ends of your plaid shirt at the waist. Or wear it with the belt exactly at the waistline.


Plaid shirt knotted at the waistline will suit hourglass body shape figures


Long buttoned plaid shirt complements triangle body shape covering the hips

  • Triangle body shape

Best plaid shirt for triangle body shape is with rounded bottom line. Wear your plaid shirt loosely and unbutton the bottom button. Make sure shirt length is lower or higher than the widest hip point. If the shirt length reaches and stops exactly at the widest point, it will visually widen your hips even more which is not your purpose.

  • Apple body shape

Apple body shape has visibly noticeable tummy, so your purpose is to create visual slimming effect. Wear your plaid shirt as outwear above the T-shirt or tank-top of a neutral or white color. Wear it loose and unbuttoned. Unbuttoned shirt will create 2 vertical lines along your body and it will make you look slimmer.


Apple body shape can wear  loose unbuttoned plaid shirt to create visual slimming effect


  • Rectangular body shape

Wear plaid shirt buttoned except for a few top buttons. Wear it loosely as overblouse. Straight shirt design will fit the straight body lines and hide the lack of waistline. Roll the sleeves up to create stylish look.

     If you are not familiar how to determine your body shape and how to dress it, go to the post about dominant body shapes.

     Note that cowboy / plaid shirt tucked into the pants, skirt or any other bottom may create effect of tummy. Sleeve cuffs look better if they are rolled up a bit.

     Following these easy rules, you can create many stylish outfits with plaid shirt.

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