Shopaholic not always realizes the issue

      Shopping addiction (shopaholism) can be considered as a bad habit, but actually it’s much stronger than just a habit. It’s a type of dependency and rather has to be considered as sickness.

      Majority of shopaholics are residents of big cities overwhelmed with lots of shopping choices.

     This is a true observation that shopping has a good impact to women’s mood, especially a good shopping. Many women like to go for shopping if they experience difficult life situations, stress or just a bad mood. It can help to release the stress, improve mood and it will have a good impact to your look and style, if it’s done properly.

     However do beware of the negative sides of unlimited shopping. Spending money without limits will have a serious impact to your budget. There are a few signs of shopping addiction:

  • If you end up spending all your savings in the stores;

  • taking credits and getting debts;

  • wasting family budget to shopping;

  • impulsively buying things which you don’t need or already have;

  • if you have to limit yourself financially on other important life matters.

     Difficulty of shopping addiction is that shopaholic may not realize exactly what he/she is doing at the moment of purchase and how it will turn to them. He/she is totally blinded by excitement of a new purchase without deeper thinking. And after purchase is done, feeling of disappointment comes that unnecessary thing was purchased and money are wasted. It makes the stress even worse, and soon shopaholic is again at the store to release it. Looks like closed loop.


Think do you really need to buy all these things?


Need to put efforts to manage shopping addiction

     If you are shopaholic, you have to realize this problem will not stop itself. Either you have to put some efforts yourself to stop your dependency of shopping or seek for professional help.

     There are a few steps which may help you to manage the shopping addiction:

  • If you like something in the store, don’t buy it at once. Come back in a couple of hours or a day. This time will allow you to think, is it impulsive buy of unnecessary thing or something what you really need?

  • Do not bring your credit card or much cash with yourself. Bring as few money as possible to cover only necessary needs, for example, transportation payment or lunch outside. If you suddenly decide to drop by the store, you will not be able to spend anything there.

  • If you have to buy something what you really need or decided to but, do planning before you go out for shopping. List the things you need to buy with as much details as possible. For example, white knee length ruffles dress. Once at the store, strictly follow the list and do not stop for other items if they bare not listed. It will help to save your time during shopping as you exactly know what you need, as well as it will save your budget.

  • Do not go for shopping with the purpose to calm down, release the stress or improve your mood. Feeling a bit down, better find another hobby or business to do, keep yourself busy with useful things. Doing something useful for others is the best antidepressant ever existed.

  • Follow the same advice while doing grocery shopping. One more grocery shopping tip – try not to go to grocery if you feel hungry. Eat first, and feeling full you will be able to estimate your needs better and will not over-buy groceries.

     If you suffer from shopping addiction, put some efforts, up to visiting a specialist if you feel necessary, and you will be able to manage this issue.

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