Keep your style and wardrobe modern to look younger

     Have you ever faced the problem of looking elder than you are? Definitely, reason is wrong style, and wrong wardrobe in particular.

     Correctly chosen clothing will make you look younger, slimmer and prettier, while wrong wardrobe will make you look heavier and elder.

     If wardrobe gives you additional age, it’s time to change a “mature woman wardrobe” to look younger.

     It will take just a few simple steps to develop a modern and younger looking wardrobe.

  • First of all what you will need to do is to create a core wardrobe consisting of monochrome clothing, made of good quality materials and having basic design, as much simple as possible. This is so called basic wardrobe. Basic wardrobe has no age limits, it’s acceptable and recommended for young lady same as for elder and mature woman. Thus it doesn’t tell anything about the age and should be considered as the first step to wardrobe rejuvenation.



Basic wardrobe says nothing about the age thus can help to create younger looking style

     You don’t have to be creative at this stage, choose as simple clothing as possible. Consider it as background, base of the outfits to which later you can add favorite fashion pieces of clothing or accessories.



Basic wardrobe clothing has to fit you well

  • Remember following requirements to the core wardrobe (which actually need apply to any clothing you have or going to buy):
    1. Fit you well
    2. Beautify you
    3. Make you look slimmer
    4. Make legs look longer
    5. Not to expose unnecessary things (underwear hems, for example; or underwear color should not be seen through clothing and etc.)
    6. Hide the figure challenges
    7. Expose figure advantages

     Once you manage to form a core wardrobe, it will be an excellent background any of your fashion pieces.

     There are a few wardrobe items which have no age limits but create a modern and dynamic styles. Using them will also help to make your wardrobe rejuvenation:

    • Bomber jacket

     Nowadays it’s the most trendy outwear. Bomber itself is a sporty style clothing but matches very well feminine skirts and dresses. Same way good it look with a simple jeans + T-shirt outfit. Adding a modern and sporty touch to the outfit, immediately it makes it younger looking.


Bomber jacket is the most trendy outwear


Jeans and denim clothing are timeless and have no age limits

    • Jeans and denim clothing

Timeless clothing is able to rejuvenate any old-fashioned wardrobe.

Add a well fitting boyfriend jeans and a denim shirt to your wardrobe. Worn with proper accessories, it can be suitable even for night events out.

      Add some sporty style footwear to your existing collection: sneakers, gumshoes, slip-ons. Wear them with other styles of clothing, for example, feminine or casual. However, have a close look to your final outfit to ensure footwear matches your clothing well.


Add sporty style footwear to your existing collection


Crossbody bags create dynamic meaning younger look


      Crossbody bag worn exactly that way, crossing the body. It makes the look slimmer and more dynamic – meaning young.

     Always try new fashion. Don’t get stuck to the style which you keep for many years. Fashion changes, and keeping old fashion styles immediately will add you additional years. Use the same concept for your hairstyle and make up. Old-fashioned hairstyle and make-up style will reveal your age and exaggerate it even more. You may not really need to be aware of every latest fashion trends. The only needed is to look modern meaning looking young.


Following modern fashion will make mature woman look younger

     Making these few steps of wardrobe and style rejuvenation will allow you to lose a few years at once.

     Please let me know what you think about the ideas and tips shared in the post! Do you agree or disagree? Do you find that clothing can alter the impression of the age? Do you think there is any worth in trying to look younger? I will be happy to read your comments below!

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