Core footwear will help you out in any situation

     Footwear is considered as accessory. It’s the final element of the outfit, having equal impact to your style as well as clothing.

     Core footwear is, similar to core (basic) wardrobe, footwear which can be worn for most of situation and easy to be teamed with different outfits.

      There are lots of footwear types and models. Choose yours depending on season, style and, of course, comfortable feeling.

  • Beige/nude/ neutral color ankle boots

Classic model has 4 cm height heel but it can vary. Ankle boots go almost with everything: skinny jeans, short dresses and skirts, shorts, leggins. Can be worn barefoot, with tights or socks. Due to neutral color wear these boots only at the daytime. It’s appropriate for everyday wearing but not for evening going out. Looking neutral, it doesn’t have necessary chic look for special wearing.


Ankle boots go almost with everything


Motorcycle boots are a good option for cool weather weekend

  • Motorcycle boots (moto boots)

Made of thick leather and decorated with buckles on the sides.

Moto boots are good style option for weekend. Wear them with short dress or jeans + T-shirt, or a white collar shirt outfit.

Moto boots get even more stylish look when become a bit cuffed.

  • Tall boots

Necessary outwear for those living in cool climates. Heel can be high, medium or no heel at all. Classic and most preferable color is black.

Round toe and box heel look more casual. For night out wear bots with narrow heel and pointy toe.


Tall boots are necessary for those living in cold climates

     One of the best casual outfits with tall boots is grey color skinny jeans or pants, cashmere jumper with round neckline and blazer.

     High-heeled knee-length boots can be an alternative to pumps, and can be worn with pant or knee-length skirts and dresses.



Ballet flats are feminine and comfortable for wearing

  • Ballet flats

Ballet flats are good for wearing at any age. They are very stylish, feminine and comfortable. Going for night out, put a pair into your bag to feel comfortable once you get tired wearing high heels.

Flats will suit short dressy outfits, narrow or cropped pants and jeans, short skirts, shorts.

Ballet flats allow to play with their color, choose bright colours as well as nude and neutral.

  • Classic pumps, nude color and black color

Nude or neutral color pumps can be worn absolutely with everything. They will suit any style, and will add a chick to any look.

They can be worn to any event and in any situation.


Nude color pumps can be worn in any situation


Chic sandals are necessary for hot summer days


  • Chic sandals

Very important at hot summer days. Wear them with T-shirt and shorts or jeans, or a dress.

  • Sneakers or gumshoes

They look sporty and create a modern dynamic look. However unlike jogging shoes, their main purpose is not doing sport but regular wearing.

Avoid choosing footwear made purely for doing sports in your daily outfits. It has clearly defined function which it’s doing well, so leave it for its main purpose. Being absolutely comfortable for sports, it doesn’t have a function of accessory and style creating.



Choose sneakers or gumshoes for your casual sporty style

     Aside above mentioned, there are many-many more footwear options. Try which one will be best for you, or what exactly you will need more often, considering your lifestyle, profession and even place where you live.

     Always remember that core footwear (as well as any other) has to match your outfit and other accessories by style and color. Being the final element of the outfit, it can make the overall style or totally change it.

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