Professional style has impact to our career

     Professional style has a deep impact to our career. They way how we look at work forms the way how we are treated.

     Surely professional knowledge and performance are one of the key things forming our career, but professional style can be included into these key items.

     If you want to upgrade your career, either it’s getting the job you want, or improving your position at the current job your have, start with upgrading your wardrobe and style.

     At work we have to sell our professional services at higher price, asking for higher pay. Not only your professional competence, but overall look has to tell everyone you are worthy to have higher pay, increment or a job you have applied for. Professional style sends permanent instant messages to the environment and people around you even before your have said anything.

      If you look too comfy, or not neat, not tidy, it sends signals you didn’t put any efforts to look good. It’s specially important when need to make a first impression: first meeting with the client, job interview or etc. Not trying to look good for the interview, for example, will make impression you don’t appreciate this interview and don’t respect the company you applied to. We always put efforts to look best for important events. Not doing so for the interview or meeting, you will show you don’t consider it as such an important.


Professional style sends signals how much we care of our work

     Not being able to get ready even for the first interview, is this applicant ready to do a regular good job for the company? This question interview may ask himself/herself once meeting you. To be able to get a job after an interview, on be invited to follow-up interview, need to create a good first impression and stand out from other applicants for this position.


Not only wardrobe, but overall look forms professional style

      Not only wardrobe is important, but overall look forming your professional style. Aside perfectly fitting and appropriate outfit, hair has to look freshly styled, make-up to be polished, hands need to be neat and groomed with manicure. All these together make style and overall impression.

     What if you already has a good job but want some upgrading to your career? Again, aside professional competence, take care of professional style. There is quite common saying among professional stylists and imagemakers: every day dress like for a job you want to have, and not like for a job you already have. If you want to get an increment and higher position, dress like you already have it. Sometimes your style is the only what needs to be changed to let your boss notice you and your competence.


Take care of professional style for career upgrading


Show the respect to the company you work for by your professional style

     You have to demonstrate that you are valuable for the company. That you successfully put all your efforts for the company to flourish. All your look has to show the respect and appreciation to the company your are working for. Once your bosses notice this, they will appreciate and value you more.

     Do look successful and you will feel successful. Thus you will become successful as well. Proper professional style can be a good help in career improvement. If your work experience and competence are on enough level but still something is stopping your career development, think, maybe your style at work is the reason?


Successful look makes successful feel

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