Blazer outfits look modern and stylish

     Blazer is an essential wardrobe element. Blazer outfits are always stylish and contemporary. It can liven up the old fashion wardrobe and make it more modern. They create a defined shape and able to correct figure visually. Blazer are recommended for wearing for any body shape and body proportionsBlazer outfits are specially good for mature women as they add modernity and thus make impression of a younger age. Worn with jeans and simple white T-shirt below, you will look modern, stylish and appropriately dressed for almost every situation.

   Blazer has a unique quality to transform outfits and bring them up a few levels. Jeans and T-shirt outfit worn at weekend can be easily transformed into office wear if blazer is added.

    Choosing blazer, consider the exact reason why you are buying it. If it’s preferably for wearing in the office, choose classic blazers of dark, black or navy blue, or neutral colours. If you look for a comfortable blazer for regular daily wearing out, it doesn’t have to be so formal and bright fashion colours will be more preferable.

    There are a few different models of blazers/jackets. Choose which one suits your style and better for your regular wearing.

  • Straight blazer

      Woman’s straight blazer originates from man’s blazer and looks very similar to it. Formal ladies suits most often include straight blazers.

     Straight blazers are not good for petite or very skinny women as it makes them squarish looking. Opposite, they are very good for women with bigger clothing sizes as allow to cover the hips and bust area.


One of options of street straight blazer outfits


Fitted blazer outfits look feminine and elegant

  • Fitted blazer

     Most feminine blazer model. It creates a defined waistline what makes slimmer look. It can be short or a bit longer, sometimes it has a pocket at the chest area.

     Short fitted blazers are good for petite women.

     It’ s not a good option for plump figures as it will reveal the hip area.

  • Cropped jacket

     Cropped tweed jacket is one of the classic jacket models created by Coco Channel, alternative to a fitted blazer.

     Nowadays there are two styles of cropped jacket: a feminine retro style models or edgier cropped jackets with a military- or biker-inspired cut.

     They will look great with slim or flared skirt, dresses or jeans, straight pants or slim ankle-cropped styles.


Cropped jacket outfit



Tuxedo has to be worn only for big evening events

  • Tuxedo jacket

     Originally worn only by men, nowadays implemented into ladies fashion as well. It has to be worn only for big night events.

     Tuxedo jacket is always made in a black color. Buttons are covered by the textile, same as tuxedo material. It can exist either in straight or fitted models.

     Wear it with black color pumps, high heels is important requirement for a big event outfit. Best hairstyle to be worn with tuxedo outfit is elegant updo.

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