Wear trench coat for a rainy wearther

     Trench coat is a fashion “must” for cool rainy weather. It’s a stylish and elegant alternative of a windbreaker. It will protect you well from the rain and wind while taking care of your style.

     Trench coat always was and stays in the fashion. It can be worn with any clothing from your wardrobe, and will suit any type of body shape and size. Wear it with jeans a dress, it will always look it’s best and make your look very modern and attractive.

     Do not buckle the trench belt but knot it. Buckled belt will make a funny similarity with old movies secret agent style.

     Trench coats exist in different models. Choose which one you will like more:

  • Classic trench coat

      Classic model will always stay fashionable. If you have a good quality or maybe a designer trench, you can treat it the same way as family jewelries passing from grandma to granddaughter. Be sure your grandchildren will be able to wear it and still look stylish.

     Length of a classic trench coat is up to the hip level or just above the knees. Belt is worn at the waist level. It can be knotted in front if trench is worn buttoned, can be knotted behind the back if you wear the trench loosely, unbuttoned. Or just leave the belt loose without doing anything to it.


Classic trench coat always stays in fashion

     Very strong advantage of the trench coat is it looks casual and at the same time chic. It will be appropriate for a regular wearing with daily outfits as well as with a night event dress. (By the way, don’t forget your outwear has to suit your outfits, specially if it’s evening party going out).

     Wear your trench coat to the office with a pencil or straight skirt, flats and white blouse.

     If the skirt is flaring, it can be a bit longer than a trench itself and just peek out of it. Tight skirt models (pencil skirt, for example) should not be peeking below the trench as it’s simply doesn’t look so good.

     For weekend wearing, team your trench with jeans, sneakers (sporty style but not the one made purposely for doing sport, jogging or etc.) and cashmere jumper.

     For night event wear the trench coat with little black dress, knot the belt to accentuate your waist, rise the collar (collar standing straight makes the neck look longer and thinner) and roll sleeves up.


Short trench coat covers top hip level

  • Short trench coat

     Short trench coat looks exactly the same as classic model, and has the same decorative details like epaulettes, two button rows, belt. The only difference is the length. Short trench reaches only the top hip level.

     Short trench is not considered as a basic item, that’s why choosing between classic trench coat and a short trench, give your preference to the first one. However if classic trench is already in your wardrobe, your can extend it by a short trench purchase.

     Short trench is good for a warm spring weather. It looks it’s best if worn unbuttoned and with sleeves rolled up.

  • Long trench coat

     Length of a long trench is till the ankles. It’s not as universal as classic trench but it’s a good option for rainy weather.

     Again, as other trench models, it will look best worn unbuttoned, with a belt kept loose or knotted behind the back.


Long trench coat will protect from the rainy and cold weather

     Wear it with flats at the daytime, and with high heels for the night going out. In that case belt has to be knotted to keep waistline defined.


Flaring trench coat is the most feminine trench model

  • Flaring trench coat

     Very chick and elegant trench coat model, flaring starts from the waistline. Typical length is till hip level.

     This trench model is good for night out. Wear a short dress below. Belt can be buckled and collar raised up.

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