Let’s understand any free time when you don’t have to go out for work under “weekend” term. Your style at these days is weekend style.


Weekend style is as much important as work days style

     Most of us try to dress properly for work, but our real style can be seen on weekends. Sometimes we think that we don’t need to good look on weekends. But it’s not correct cause even on weekend we may have some good sudden opportunities, and they should not be lost only because of inappropriate look.

     Our style  keeps on saying something about us even on weekend. And it does so even before we get chance to say something. People keep on unintentionally noticing our style, and the way we look still affect our confidence like at working days.


     Some women explain they don’t try to look good on weekend because they prefer to wear comfortable and practical clothing to be able to relax and enjoy their free time. That’s a good point, but comfortable and practical clothing doesn’t mean bad looking.


Comfortable clothing doesn’t mean bad looking

        So how to dress when you don’t have to go for work? How to look good in simple jeans and T-shirt? These are quite common questions making many women concerned.

     Actual answer is really simple. Wear your correct colours (find it in the post about fashion color selection) and choose clothing suitable for your body shape and vertical body proportions. Do take care whether different outfit items look good together.

      Following concepts will help to develop your weekend style:

  • Buy clothing purposely for wearing on weekends

     Sometimes we invest only into good clothing for work days, thinking only this clothing pays back, and trying to save on weekend clothing. However we do spend on weekend travel, entertainment, going out which also doesn’t pay back, but only because it makes us rest. Then why not to apply the same concept to weekend clothing?


Do buy some of clothing purposely to create your weekend style


Do use your favorite quality clothing for weekend style

  • Do not keep good clothing only for special occasions

For example, do not keep good jeans purposely only for parties. Wear them on weekend with your best, 10-score top (find more information in the post about core concept to compose your wardrobe). Use this concept for all your clothing.


  • Use work basic wardrobe for weekend style

     If you have invested into a good basic wardrobe for work days, why not to use it for weekend as well?


Basic wardrobe will help to create good weekend style as well work style


Scarves and accessories will make simple look more interesting

  • Create weekend style with accessories and big bright scarves

     Scarf is a good accessory for cool days. It makes even simple outfit like jeans and T-shirt much more attractive and stylish. The same job other accessories can do. Simple outfits need them even more than nice workdays outfits so add some to your weekend style.


  • Do invest into quality daily outerwear and footwear

     Anyway usually these wardrobe items we wear at both workdays and weekends. Quality is not what should be compromised.


Good outwear and footwear can be worn both for weekend and work days

     Do remember that weekend style is not less important than work style. It has to be comfortable and cosy, yet neat and flattering.

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