Accentuated waistline creates a feminine look

     It’s important for the whole look to keep waistline highlighted. It creates look of Hourglass Body Shape, nice feminine style while making you look much slimmer. It’s specially important if you have concern on your weight and size. And it’s specially significant for plump figures.

     Do not try to hide into shapeless clothing. Just make a few correct accents and you will look amazing whatever your weight and size are. Always remember: size doesn’t matter, shape does. Create correct shape and you will look a lot slimmer and much more attractive.

     Waistline highlight is specially important for Hourglass body shape figures. Due to significant difference between bust size, waist and hip size, Hourglass body shape may look more heavy, having more weight than they actually do. Highlighting the waistline is the only way to make the figure balanced and attractive.

      Rectangular body shape figures need to be careful with accentuating the waistline. Every time you want to do that, try in front of the mirror and see whether it works well for you. If the waist doesn’t look thin comparing to bust and hip size, you may need to consider diverting attention from the waist instead of highlighting it.

     How exactly waistline can be highlighted? Some clothing does this job for us having darts at the waist and shaping waistline quite clear. For example, fitting blazers or jackets, shirts. But if you prefer loose models of clothing, you have to take care of waistline highlight purposely.

Easiest ways to do it are:

  • Wear belt

     You can wear it in any situation. If you have a loose dress, blouse or cardigan, put on a belt. Many women avoid wearing belts as it can create too formal look, or just not familiar how to wear it correctly. But actually belts are the easiest way to change the look and to make it more stylish. There are lots of fashion belts in different models, different colors on the market, you can find the design which you will like.


Wearing belt helps to accentuate the waistline

     Wide belt will give effect similar to slimming underwear. It will make your waist thinner and can help to hide tummy.

     Thin belt will help to accentuate the waistline and will serve as accessory as well.


Blouse tucked into skirt at the waistline creates elegant and neat look


  • Tuck blouse into the skirt

     It looks specially good with flared skirts. Tucked blouse will create and elegant, neat and slim look while loose blouse worn together with flared skirt widening from the waist to the bottom will make a bulky look.


  • Wear waist fitted or peplum tops and dresses

     In this case clothing will do all the work for you.


Peplum tops and dresses will do their job to highlight the waistline themselves



Slimming underwear helps to create the waistline visually


  • Wear slimming underwear

This is a secret of many celebrities, especially during going out for big events.


  • Create a visual effect

Wear black fitting tank top, and put on a bright or fair color cardigan or blazer. Or bright tank top, dark blazer or cardigan and a belt on top.


Black tanktop with contrasting blazer makes visual effect of thin waistline

     These easy ways will help you to accentuate waistline and look much slimmer as well as stylish.

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