Sometimes we have to transform day look to evening without changing outfit

     Sometimes in the evening after work we have to attend different events or gatherings. Evening look has to be different from day time office look. Not always there is a chance to drop by home and change the outfit. However office outfit is not that dramatic and interesting how evening suppose to be. Then what to do if you suddenly got an unplanned evening event after work? Or just cannot carry a cocktail or evening dress with you to change in  the office?  

     A few following tips will help to transform a regular day office look into a proper evening outfit so that will help you to be able to look appropriate:


     1) Adjust your make up from day to evening.

     Your day time make up has to look natural, but for the evening time make it a bit more dramatic. Add darker eye shadows to your eyes, darker lipstick and false eyelashes to make it more dramatic.

     2) Change shoes.

    Bring with you to the office a pair of shoes to change them after work time. For day time wearing you may give preference to comfortable flats, but evening shoes are high heel shoes. They may have interesting details, sequins, steel decorations. Shoes very big impact to the whole look. They are able to transform the whole outfit into evening look so you can make use of this shoes’ quality.

3) Put on evening accessories.

Bring your evening accessories with you to the office in a bag (but do not put them on in the morning!)  and keep in the bag until the end of working day. Let it be jewelry, or shiny and bright accessories. Do not wear them at work during daytime as it will not be an appropriate wear. But for the evening it’s just a right choice.


Put on accessories to change look from day to evening



Clutch and a new hairstyle will help to turn day look to evening

4) Change daytime bag to evening clutch.

This is one more point for importance of accessories. By changing a bag you can change the overall look. 

5) Change  hairstyle.

After a workday your morning hairstyle may loose it’s shape and look not neat or not new. Try the easiest and yet elegant hairstyles: high ponytail or a low bun. These are timeless and universal hairstyles which always look actual and appropriate for any event.

6) You can make a small trick with your outfit.

Wear an open-back dress or a top with the blazer during work time, and remove the blazer in the evening. Together with evening accessories, clutch, shoes and new hairstyle your look will become different and evening looking.

Also remember such a good option like little black dress (LBD).


LBD will help to transform look from with less efforts 

     Also important to consider the type of event you are attending. Is this evening event formal, business related or is it a friendly gathering? Make sure you are familiar to dress code requirements for the event, if there are any.

    Do not worry if you suddenly have to attend an unplanned evening event. Plenty of ways can help to transform a day look to evening. Just give it a try!