Cashmere jumper looks chick and luxurious


Jumpers and sweaters are important for wearing during cold seasons. Surely you already have a good collection of sweaters in you wardrobe. But do you believe that simple outfit like jeans and jumper can look very elegant. How? Let your jumper be cashmere and made in your best color (if not sure, refer to the post about fashion colors selection).

     Jumper material plays important role in how it will fit and look during wearing. Cashmere material looks attractive, chick and expensive, it is soft and comfortable for wearing, able to keep the warmth very well, does not get crumpled and it is much lighter than wool. Cashmere is able to keep the shape so your jumper will not become shapeless and stretched that fast as wool will.

     If take proper care of the cashmere jumper, it will pay you back and will serve for many years, so it is a good fashion investment. It is considered as a part of basic wardrobe for its good look and comfortable wearing. Surely, if you live in a tropical country, you may not need it. But in any other place you can consider to include cashmere jamper into your wardrobe.

     Depending on quality, cashmere jumper is not necessarily expensive but it always look chick and luxurious even though is appropriate for regular daily wearing.

     There are a few different models of jumpers which will fit different body shapes.

1) Classic jumper with round neckline

Typically has long sleeves but 3/4 or short sleeve length also can be found. It’s good for wearing with a vest.

It can be either tightly fitting the figure and worn with pencil skirt, pipestem pants and a blazer. Or loose model for wearing with skinny jeans or pants.

Classic fitting jumper is good for slim ladies with a small bust.


Classic jumper with round neckline



V-shape neckline jumper

2) V-shape neckline jumper

Another classic jumper model.

Sleeve length is either long or 3/4.

This jumper model is good for full-busted figures. The only you need to make sure is decollete is not too deep otherwise will look too daring.

V-shape neckline jumper creates illusion of slimmer and longer neck. Wear it if you want to achieve this effect or if you have a second chin.

3) Turtleneck sweater

This model was very popular at 70-90s. Disadvantage of turtleneck sweater is it’s often tight at the neck and makes uncomfortable feeling. However it’s a very good for warmth saving so has a good practical advantage. Wear it if you are sensitive to the cold during cold days.


Turtleneck sweater


Boat shape neckline jumper

4) Boat shape neckline jumper

It exposes shoulders a little creating a very feminine look. However because of this, it’s not the best option for cold winter days as not very warm.

Classic model has horizontal stripes reminding sailor uniform which looks very feminine and elegant.


5) Jumper with a low round neckline

Good for wearing at warm days and it looks very feminine and elegant as well.



Jumper with a low round neckline


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