Do you feel satisfied with your work wardrobe? Do you find that your office work outfits look good, interesting and complimenting for you? Or maybe you like your creative outfits for work but your bosses have different opinion and have objections to it? If you ever met these kind of issues, it is time to make a new look to office work outfits.


Work outfit has to be stylish yet to fit into common office dress code limits

     Composing work outfits can be one of the most difficult professional tasks you ever had to do. We all want to look stylish but have to follow common rules to fit into work outfit standards or even dress codes which we have to follow at the workplace .

     Basic wardrobe helps a lot in this situation.

      Basic wardrobe consists of classic items which never leave fashion, always modern, have no age limits and you will stay within appropriate limits wearing it. You can be bold and experiment with basic wardrobe, it still will look acceptable.

     It’s important to look your best at the workplace. Do remember we spend a lot of time at work. Your look affects the way your colleagues and bosses treat you, and indirectly it affects your carrer and pay.

      It will not work well for you to stay unnoticed at work. The more you are noticed at your workplace, the more opportunities you have.

     There are a few common rules to follow for work outfit selection:

     1) Do wear bright colors at the office. Bright colors attract attention, they are associated with the power, what can work well for carreer improvement

     2) Do wear feminine and interesting outfit. Avoid boring looks. Pencil skirt or waist fitting jacket are some of good examples.

     3) Wearing formal office suit, add attractive accessories. To soften the look of the formal suit, wear a blouse from a soft, feminine material (silk, chiffon) under it.



Work outfit still can look feminine and interesting


Avoid choosing boring looking work outfits

             4) Wear feminine footwear. Heel shoes or nice flats will be a good choice.

           5) Use accessories for your work outfit. They will help to loven up even most boring office wear. Sometimes we are very limited by office requirements in choices of our clothing, then nice accessories will help you a lot.

     6) Bright make-up, smokey eyes and etc, are not acceptable in the office, but most of companies don’t mind their lady staff to use lipstick. Red lipstick will brighten up dark or neutral color work outfit.

     Choosing formal working suit, make sure it fits your figure well. If there is no dress code in your office, you don’t have to wear your suit paired. Split the trousers and jacket, wear them with other clothing from your wardrobe.

     Do not wear tight fitting trousers and skirts for work if you have wide hips. A-shape silhouette will look at workplace better.


Pair trousers and jacket from your office suit with different clothing

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