What can be more classic and contemporary that little black dress! This is a universal dress for any type of event from work to special occasions. Once introduced to the fashion in early part of XX century by Coco Chanel, it never leaves the fashion and always stays appropriate.

      This is a special helper for sudden night out. If you do not know what to wear, you can wear LBD.

     Fashion abbreviation LBD stands for Little Black Dress. LBD is the most universal type of dress, and it is a basic wardrobe item. You can find more information in the post about LBD. Also find more information in another post about basic wardrobe.

     There are four LBD models which always stay fashionable. They are:


Sleeveless LBD is the most common model


     1) Sleeveless LBD

     The most common and straightforward LBD model. Neckline and armholes are done in a round shape. Classic dress length is up to the knee level, however it can be mini or midi as well.

     Sleeveless LBD has loose shape, so it will be good for figure having tummy or heavy hips.

     Do not wear this LBD model if you have plump arms (unless worn with jacket).

     For full busted figures sleeveless LBD will create illusion of additional weight which you may not have in fact.

2) Classic LBD (round shape neckline, with sleeves)

     Most universal LBD models among other black dress models. Classic LBD is appropriate to wear at any season. Sleeves can be an any length: short, 3/4 or long. Sleeve length and material are the one determining the season for what your LBD was designed.


Classic LBD has round neckline and sleeves

     Classic LBD looks the best if it’s fitting to the figure (bodycone dress). You can wear slimming underwear under bodycone LBD if have any concern on your figure.

     Classic LBD will not work well for rectangular body shape (find more information about rectangular body shape).

     For plump arms, choose 3/4 sleeve length models. Keep exposed only thinnest part of your arms (wrists, forearms).

     Full busted figures look good in dresses with low round neckline.


Trapeze LBD widens by the hip level

     3) Trapeze LBD or ice skater LBD

     Both LBD model is tightly fitting at the chest and gradually widens by the hip level. Ice skater LBD has accentuated waistline.

     These dress models will make figures having small breast and wide hips (triangle body shape) look their best.

     Avoid trapeze LBD/ice skater LBD if you have heavy legs as this dress will accentuate lots of attention on the legs.


Ice skater LBD


Wrap/wrap around LBD

     4) Wrap dress/wrap around dress

     Full busted figures look good in wrap dresses with triangle shape necklines. Small busted figures also can wear this dress model together with push-up bra.

     Do wear it if you have thin waist and good shaped hips.

     Dress dress serves its best for Hourglass body shapes (here more information about hourglass body shape).

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