Little black dress (LBD) is a necessary part of basic wardrobe

     Little black dress (also called as LBD) is a perfect thing which is able to help out if you have to attend an event without prior planning. It is a necessary part of basic wardrobe.

     Wear it with tights and boots, high heels, jewelry. LBD is able to withstand any make-up and stay elegant.

     For daily wearing it looks good with blazer or ballet flats.

     Design of LBD has to be enough plain to serve as a good background for any accessories, hairstyles, top clothing layers. This elegant wardrobe item always stays in fashion.

     Even though LBD is called little, it doesn’t really has to be really little, but always has to be simple. Dress can be made in different models: A-shape, bodycone, draped, semi-fitting, straight and many-many other. For any body shape LBD does exist.


LBD models can be very different, for different t body shapes


If black on its own is not your best color, wear LBD with bright accessories

     If black color on its own worn near the face is not your best color, wear it with bright accessories, choose the color from your color palette. Always ensure your best colors are worn near to the face. Alternatively, you can choose dress models with lower neckline exposing a bit of flesh. It will affect the way how light is reflected upwards to your face and will make black color more complimenting to your natural coloring.

     With LBD you can create literally dozens of outfits. It’s not only elegant but also a very practical dress. You will be able to wear it for a lots of occasions.

      Black color is very saturated, that’s why you will need to wear make-up if you choose LBD for going out. Without make-up LBD looses lots of its elegance and can make you looking tired. Wear red lipstick, apply mascara to your lashes, use eyeliner. Elegant make-up is a must for elegant outfit. However putting on a make up worn with LBD, make sure you don’t create too dramatic effect by using too strong lipstick and blusher shades, also do not be tempted to be overdramatic  with eyeliner and eyeshadows. 

    Do plan your hairstyle properly. Chignons, elegant ponytails, loose hair, either curled or straight, braids – lots of variants will do as long as it’s looks neat and stylish. Do remember one of the most important requirements for glamorous and polish look: keep your hair and make-up polished.



LBD is perfect for stylish look, however do take care of hairstyle and make up as well


LBD makes visual slimming effect due to saturated black color

      LBD itself makes visual slimming effect due to its black color. However if your still need more visual body correction, use slimming underwear under your dress. Choose the size accordingly (size has to be the same as your normal clothing size). Results will impress you a lot!

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