In high fashion black is color of chic and elegance

     Black is a very deep, saturated color. At the same time this is a color which can be used as a good base for your outfits.

    Black color chosen for clothing will accentuate core qualities of the outfit: how perfectly it fits the figure, its style, material. All these together make some impression of you forming your image.

    In high fashion black is color of chic and elegance.

     One of the most common mistakes is to accept black as neutral color. Do not assume it can be worn with anything, used for any material, texture or a shape.

    Many women consider black as a color to wear when they have no time or just no wish to plan their outfit. And this is the most typical mistake.


Black is very deep and saturated color


Being naturally elegant, black color attracts lots of attention

     Black cannot be worn with the purpose to avoid attention of other people, hoping noone will notice us today if we dress this way. Being naturally elegant color, black only accentuate style mismatch and attracts even more attention to you. Worn with a wrong purpose, it will not help you to avoid attention, but will reveal and exaggerate this your wish.

     And again, being naturally elegant color, black looks this way only if you wear it purposely and correct. There are no outfits which would say nothing about their owner, so it is a mistake to think black is. It has to be treated seriously, as well as any other fashion color.

    Due to high saturation of the color, it increases the standards to the clothing worn. Black color clothing has to look expensive, chic, otherwise it looks literally like rags.


Black color looks elegant only if worn purposely and correctly

     Sometimes you really may wish to avoid any kind of attention today, due to different reasons. Maybe you are tired, or stressed, or feeling unwell – any strong reason not to think of your image for today. Then instead of black give your preference to soft fair (neutral) color clothing made from a good quality material. Neutral color will brighten you up and will help to look good while staying natural. Dark colors worn on themselves may aggravate the gloomy face and mood.


Black color is a perfect background for color accents

      Not for everyone black color on its own is complimenting. Only Deep color type can afford to wear black color on its own. All other color types (you can find more in the post about Color types) need to add an accessory near the face made in their recommended color. Let it be a scarve, necklace or beads, or a lowered neck line exposing a bit of flesh.

     One of the best ways to wear black color is to use it as a background for color accents. Bright color on black background looks interesting and stylish. This is one of the most elegant ways of wearing black.

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