Mans straight shirt is a good option for full busted figures

     This post is continuation and addition to the recommendations for each body shape. You can find many useful information in my previous post: Dominant Body Shapes.  But here I want to pay more attention exactly to shirt selection for different shapes and figures. 

     Women with any body shapes can find their best shirt (or blouse). There are just a few rules need to remember.

     Full busted figures need to divert attention from the bust area. A good way to do that is to choose man’s straight shirts. Keep it slightly unbuttoned at the collar (two to three uppermost buttons). Ladies’ classic fitting shirt may be tight for you at the bust area, buttons can get unbuttoned at a wrong place without your control. Also being tight, it will draw attention to your bust instead of face what is not your purpose.

      Heavy arms figures may experience that shirt crumples at the underarms. Try wearing fitting shirts containing elastane. It will adjust to your body more easily and give you more freedom for movement without creating unnecessary visual effects.

     Do not wear Claudine collar models if you have a heavy neck or a double chin. Better shirt option for you is silk shirt worn unbutton at the collar (two to three buttons). Elegance and softness of silk blouse will create slimming effect.

     Inverted triangle body shape looks best in plain semi-fitting shirt models without much design details. Shoulder line of your shirt has to be either a bit lower than your natural shoulder line (to be a bit descended) or a bit higher than that. Do not make it exactly at natural shoulder line as you need to narrow down your shoulders visually. V-shape neckline helps to create narrowing effect. Shirt length has to be lower than your natural waistline to widen the hips and balance them with shoulders. Do not wear cuffed sleeves and raffles at the top of shirt as they will widen your top half.

     Best option for Hourglass body shape is to wear fitting shirts with vertical darts. You can choose wrap over models or blouses draped at the chest.

     Rectangular body shapes look best in semi-fitting blouses with design details at the top like yoke, pockets or frills.


Details on the top are good for rectangular and triangle body shapes


Wrap over blouses look good on hourglass body shapes

     If your body shape is Triangle, wear shirts and blouses with volumized, puffed sleeves, collars and design details at the chest. You need to widen your shoulders visually. And remember that shirt length should not end at the widest hip point.

      Apple body shapes need shirts with a plain straight design with no much details. Horizontal button raw will create a slimming effect.

     If you need more tips for wearing  shirts, you can check post about plaid (cowboy) shirt and white shirt.

     So what is your Body shape? Do you find it’s important to consider  body shape when choosing a shirt? What are the shirt models you like to wear most often? Please let me know in the comment section!


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