White shirt is a basic wardrobe item

     White collared shirt (or blouse) is a basic wardrobe item.

     White shirt is universal, you can wear it absolutely everywhere. It’s perfect for daily wearing as you can create an easy elegant outfit with it. If you don’t know what to wear today, wear white shirt! Regardless of your style preferences, you always can make use of this wardrobe item.

     You can wear white shirt to the office, to friends gathering, for shopping or going out for a movie. Student can wear it to the university, visiting parents, or even a date. Pair it with romantic skirt, add accessories and outfit is ready! White shirt creates an intelligent and respectful look, but at the same time easily can be used for casual style outfit.

      Wear it under blazer together with skinny jeans, tuck into black pants, wear with a vest or belt. For formal office wearing team it with the formal office suit or a pencil skirt. Add nude color pumps to complete the look. 

     What to wear with white shirt, if you have to attend a personal event, for example, a romantic date, right after work? Wear it with a pencil skirt. For work you can team it with a fashionable lady’s tie. In the evening you can remove the tie. If you wear a big comfortable bag, change it to a more elegant evening version. Unbutton your shirt at the collar at one or two buttons to look less formal.

     Make sure your underwear (especially dark or black color) cannot be seen through the shirt. Or wear a solid color top below your white shirt.

     Best underwear color to be worn under white clothing is nude color.

     Many full busted women experience difficulties with wearing button shirts. Shirt always raises up and puffs up above the bust level. It happens in that case when there is a button exactly at the bust line (most protruding points). 


Regardless of style preferences, you always can make use of white shirt

     The button cannot withstand the stretch pressure at the bust line and always goes up. To avoid this, make sure two nearest buttons of the shirt which you are going to wear are 2cm above and 2 cm below the bust line. Or you can modify your shirt yourself by adding a button 2 cm below the bust line. This additional button will take all the stretch pressure instead of bust line button, and you shirt will remain properly fit.

     Another tip to fix your shirt at a proper place is to use a double sided adhesive fashion tape.

    Do care of the shirt quality. The better quality, the longer you can use it. Considering how universal white shirt is, you will be wearing it a lot.

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