There are dozens of white shirt models. For any body shape, proportions and style preferences there is a perfect white shirt.

     Nowadays the most popular models are:


Classic fitting white shirt has a classic collar

  • Classic fitting white shirt

    It can be made of a different material but always has classic collar. Typically it’s not worn fully button. Unbutton 3 upper buttons. If the weather is enough cools, wear it with a scarve. Tuck the shirt into jeans and wear a navy color blazer on top. Best shoes for this outfit are ballet flats.

     If you need to transform your outfit to evening look, change flat shoes to high heels (black or navy color), pin a sequin brooch to blazer lapel, slightly roll up blazer sleeves and add a few golden-like bracelets. Apply red lipstick to your lips and make a ponytail. Results are amazing!

  • Man’s white shirt

    This shirt model is straight, with no fitting at the waist.

    It can be found in a department for women, but if not, you can proceed to man’s department and find a shirt of your proper size.


Man’s straight white shirt looks not that feminine but very stylish

     If you buy the shirt in a man’s department, sometimes it can look very obvious it actually man’s shirt: too wide, and collar is too hard. Not to look manly, you have to consider a few moments:

1) Fabric must be soft and smooth. Choose only 100% cotton shirt.

2) Collar should not be too high, too hard or too sharply shaped. Collar has to be soft as well.

3) Shirt has to be chosen according to your height. Do not choose models made for tall figures if you are not that tall.

     Wear man’s white shirt together with jeans and blazer as well. It’s not easy to tuck man’s shirt into jeans or pant, so wear it loose.

     If you want to imitate man’s style, wear straight blazer and more manly shoes models: moccasins or boots.

     For summer wearing team it with shorts and sandals. Shirt bottom can be knotted at the waist, sleeves rolled up exposing some nice bracelets. Wear beads as a necklace.

     Note man’s white shirt will not look that feminine but it will make your look very stylish.


Silk white shirt is an element of chic wardrobe

  • Silk white shirt

    Silk white shirt is very feminine and it’s an element of chic style wardrobe. Silk shirt looks it’s best not in pure white but in ivory color.

    Usually silk shirt is loose, has two pockets at the chest and epaulets at the shoulders.

     Silk is quite costy material, so if you cannot afford it, you can alternatively buy polyamide or viscose shirt. These materials look exactly like silk and cost much less. However remember these are synthetic materials thus less comfortable in wearing. All signs of sweating will be easily exposed.

     Wear silk white shirt with formal office suit, pumps and long pearl beads.

    Good formal evening look is shirt with a pencil skirt. Tuck you shirt into skirt loosely. Do not roll sleeves up as silk will not be able to fix this position. Wear it with tights an pumps.

  • Claudine collar white shirt

    Claudine collar is a round shape collar. It’s very feminine and a bit retro style shirt.

    Claudine collar looks best when worn under something. Actually shirt itself doesn’t matter, collar does matter. Wear it with contrast color top to accentuate the collar.


Claudine collar white shirt creates a feminine and a bit retro look

     Team this type of white shirt with nice flared skirt. Do not wear it with ballet flats as you will look like schoolgirl wearing uniform. Better choose leather sandals or clogs.

     If you want to wear Claudine collar shirt for evening event, choose a little black dress, put on your shirt under it. Wear tights and black color pumps. Red lipstick and eyeliner are best make up options for this outfit.

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