Jeans color fades with every washing, making them more unique

     Hi dear! I want to share a few tips about jeans selection and care.

     Jeans are the most popular and the most universal wardrobe item. First they appeared as a uniform for the factory workers due to its durability and comfortable use. However  very soon jeans became a very popular for daily wear because of the same qualities and in addition they looked very attractive. Not all fashion guru recognized the power of jeans. For example, Coco Chanel had found them horrible. However nowadays everyone or almost everyone has jeans in their wardrobe. Jeans help to create stylish and modern look.

    Most important is to find your perfectly fitting jeans complimenting your figure. Once you do that, variety of your outfits will hugely increase. Once you have found your perfect jeans, you can use them for almost all occasions, and they can serve you for a long time.

     There are a few tips how to choose and make your jeans life longer.

Finding your jeans size

It may require some knowledge and to choose proper size of your jeans. Most probably you have already faced the dilemma during shopping:

  • take a bit bigger size as jeans usually become smaller after washing

  • or a bit smaller size as jeans stretch a lot during wearing?

     New jeans of a proper size should make slightly uncomfortable feeling. Don’t worry, later they will stretch and become comfortable. Jeans must be fitting you well, should not be very loose in a new condition.

     Note jeans cannot stretch to more than 2 cm.Also they cannot become smaller than 2cm after washing. Going to fitting room in the store, pick 2 nearest sizes of jeans: exactly your size and one size smaller. Try them on and see whethere you can pinch jeans fabric at the waitsline. If you can do that, prefer smaller size.

     Still staying in the fitting room, try to sit down and stand up. If you see horizontal lines remained at the hip level, this size is big for you.

     A tip on quick size selection before trying on. Take jeans at the waistline and put to you neck trying to wrap the neck around towards the nape. If ends of waitline (which you are holding by hands now) can reack each other at the nape, this size is just right for you.

      Always do try jeans as well as all other clothing before purchase. Do not buy jeans only because of brand. Sometimes costy jeans may fit not as perfect as other, less expensive variants.

     If you are not going to wear a pair of jeans more than one season, there is also no point on spending much momey on them. Choose spome budget option and you will not regret to dispose them later.

Washing your jeans

     Most of jeans manufacturers recommend to wash jeans as seldom as possible. Jeans color fades with every washing, make them more unique. But too frequent washing will cause premature fading making them look untidy.

     Turn your jeans inside out and wash at the water temperature 40 C. Also check the manufacturer tag whether your jeans have any special care requirements.

     Following basic jeans care tips, you can enjoy your favorite jeans for quite a  long time.


Jeans care may require skills and some tips knowledge

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