Basic Bag Types

     Bags are very important accessories which can transform the look totally. You can change a style simply by changing a bag. Nowadays bag is much more than just a functional element to carry the things. It is a part of your style and your image. That’s why it should not only be comfortable and able to fit all the things you want to fit in, but also match your personality, outfit, style and lifestyle.

     Alongside with the basic wardrobe, there are basic bag types which will help you to look stylish with any of your outfits.

     Stylish look depends on the bag a lot. With the wrongly chosen bag even perfect outfit will be lost. One of the secrets of the stylish look is correctly chosen bag shape.

     Basic bag types are:


Professional handbag type is perfect for work wearing.

  • Professional handbag

    Professional handbag should be enough large, even slightly oversized. It should be able to fit some of your work items like notebook or folders. It must have a zipper or a snap closure and different sections inside allowing you to organize basic necessities like wallet, phone, key, some make up items or a comb. Bags with defined boxy shape look the best, but it can be comfortable bucket shape as well.

You can wear this bag for a business meeting, for lunch with friends or for some night business event.

  • Carryall tote

    The most spacious and the most universal bag type. You can wear it almost everywhere: office, weekend, lunch, dinner (if event is not very significant), gym, beach and even travel. It can fit absolutely everything what you may need to bring with yourself. It doesn’t have much sections inside, so if you carry a lot of things, group them into different smaller bags and put inside tote bag. Once you need one of items, you know in which smaller bag you can find it.


Tote bag type is the most spacious and the most universal.


The most convenient bag type is crossbody bag.

  • Crossbody bag

    The most convenient bag type. It crosses the body and leaves your hands free while bag itself is at ther hip level. Choose the size enough big for your lifestyle, if it may need to contain notebook, key, wallet.

    This bag is also very convenient for moms as giving full freedom to care of the child keeping hands free.

  • Clutch

    The most elegant bag type. This is what you have to wear for weddings, anniversaries and other big events. Disadvantage of this bag is that you always have to hold it in hands what is tiring sometimes. So try to find the most comfortable shape and size for your wearing. However, some of models nowadays do have an elegant shoulder chain or strip.


Clutch is the most elegant bag type.

     Every time going out, check whether your bag color suits the outfit color.

     Do remember that good shoes and a good bag can improve even plain outfit.

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