Different figures require different jeans models, here is the description of each jeans model. Let’s discuss now what model of jeans will be the best for you.


Appropriate jeans models exist for all body types

  • Classic straight jeans model

    This model makes a beautiful hip line. There is no visual width difference at the waistline and anckle, jeans are covering each leg as a tube, and many leg challenges can be masked under this tube. Figures with heavy knees, heavy or wide hips can go for this jeans model.

     You can make an outfit made of jeans, high boots (no heels), grey color loose cashmere jamper and a dark blue blazer on top of that.

  • Skinny jeans model

    This model is better for slim figures, however grand size ladies can use it as well if wearing in good combination. Wear skinny jeans model with loose (a bit volumized) blazer or jacket untill the knee level and high heel shoes. Having loose top, legs will look much thinner on the contrast. Make sure you don’t team skinny jeans with fitting top.


In a correct combination skinny jeans model can suit all figure types

     Good news about skinny jeans model is that you can wear them with any footwear: high heels, sneakers, ballet flats, boots, sandals. All will be fine with skinny jeans.

  • Bootcut jeans model

    A universal jeans model which can be worn by almost all figures. If you have heavy hips, flaring jeans bottom will balance it, similar to flared jeans model. Ensure your jeans have a correct length till the anckle bone level. Bootcut jeans should not be neither too long nor too short.

    This jeans model looks its best with heels. For daily wear you can combine it with fitting blazer, white shirt tucked into jeans and nice shoes or boots with heels.


Find what jeans model is the best for you

  • Boyfriend jeans, boyish jeans models

    These are the perfect options for heavy hips and legs as they have some volume at the back and fully cover the leg area.

    Figures with flat buttocks or petite women cannot wear this jeans model as they will look lost inside the jeans.

     These jeans are good to wear in combination of feminine and manly type of clothing. Since this model is already a bit of manly type, team it with very feminine items: tweed blazer, silk scarve instead of belt, shoes with heels. Cuff the bottom of your jeans slightly to open an ankle.

  • Flared jeans model

    This jeans model is food for larger sizes women.While fitting well at the hips,it totally covers legs and anckle. This makes legs look balanced. Important requirement is to wear flared jeans with high heels to seem higher and slimmer.

    All other figure types can wear flared jeans model but have to remember to weaar heels as well. Without heels flared jeans will make you look wider and shorter.

    Wear your jeans with thick high heels or wedge shoes, knitted fitting top and a straw bag on your weekend day.

     Find in our another post some tips on how to choose your  jeans size correctly.